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Wicker Offers a Versatile, Textural Option for Storage in Your North Texas Home

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Beauty meets function when you use wicker storage items throughout your home. Whether it is a hand-woven basket or a manufactured one, wicker brings an extra touch of warmth to your North Texas home. Wicker offers a versatile, textural option for storage in your North Texas home. 

You can use wicker storage items in various ways, including:

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Shelf Drawers

Don’t just stuff all the kids' toys into cubbyholes. Use lined wicker baskets to catch all the little knick-knacks. They will give the room a polished look. Worried about knowing what is in what basket? Try tying small chalkboard tags to the baskets. Your kids will love writing on them and you will love the easy to update labels.


Just because you need something doesn't mean you want to look at it 24-7. Place large-lidded wicker baskets behind your couch to store your extra blankets and magazines. They will be out of sight for now and there when you need them.

Extra Ground Storage

Staying fresh and clean can require a lot of products. Keep all your bathroom goodies organized and discover how much extra space you have by adding a few wicker baskets beneath the vanity.

Laundry Catchers

Wicker baskets make excellent laundry baskets. Use them in the laundry room for a more polished look than the typical plastic ones and place them in your bedroom for an inconspicuous place to hide dirty clothes.

How else can you use wicker storage throughout your North Texas home? Contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors today to have an experienced interior designer help you bring beauty and luxury to your Dallas area home.

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