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Use These 7 Tenets of Interior Design for a Well-Rounded Home

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Interior design has seven main elements and these include: space, light, form, texture, color, furniture and objects. By applying each of these elements of interior design carefully when creating the environment of a house, office, shop or restaurant, you can create visibly pleasing and inspired spaces.

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  1. Space refers to the room or building that the designer has to work with. The space is the basic structure of the actual room or building.
  2. Light can create the ambience and mood of a room, and it can also change the way textures and colors are seen. When it comes to lighting, it can be artificial light or natural light or a pleasing combination of both.
  3. Form refers to the shape or outline of objects or the space itself. To achieve good form, it is necessary to get the right proportions for each room.
  4. Texture can have a huge impact on the appearance of a room. It can be accomplished by incorporating tactile components such as drapes, cushions, wallpaper and rugs. Texture can really add depth and interest, and elements of comfort to a room.
  5. Color, when used creatively, can energize and create excitement and stimulation or it can be used to bring calm and serenity to a space.
  6. Objects add personality to a room, but they must be chosen carefully in order to blend with or complement the overall decoration of the interior.
  7. Furniture provides functionality in a space, and furniture can also make a great impact on the overall design of a room.

By using these seven elements of interior design, a professional designer can create the right feeling and style that meets a client's needs. The end result should be a beautiful and appealing, yet functional, space. For professional advice on incorporating the 7 elements of interior design into your home or business, or for any other home design needs, contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors.

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