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Underrated But Luxurious Design Elements

June 8, 2021

So, you followed the seven core elements of interior design: space, line, forms, light, color, texture & pattern, but it still does not feel right.

Even with the most amazing collaboration of these seven core elements, there is no guarantee that your home or business will convey the luxuriousness you are trying to portray if you do not consider these other elements that are often overlooked.

Setting the Tone: What Feeling Are You Trying to Evoke?

Human emotion is the most foundational element of our lives. Why, then, is it overlooked when it comes to your most important spaces - our homes and workspaces? It should be one of the most critical elements of an interior design project!

To convey luxury, a designer should use the environment, temperature, ambience, and the complete summation of all other design elements to create a mood. The mood of the room sets up everything else – a business deal, a meeting, or a family get-together. This should be the overarching focus more than the individual aspects of the design.

It is not just a matter of having luxury furniture or a designer palate and upscale brands; they all must come together to convey an emotion. A good interior designer will take into account culture, emotion, and purpose when designing a luxury space because these elements are paramount to the success and aesthetic of the space.

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Comfortability: The True Purpose of Design

If your space is designed for actual use and looks phenomenal, but no one feels comfortable enough to exist in the space, then the design has failed. Comfort is the luxury that cannot be overlooked and ought to be at the forefront of an interior designer’s plan.

Considering the comfortability and warmth of a space can be the difference between a relaxing and pleasant experience and an uncomfortable one. While staying within your theme and keeping up with trends is important for a stylish interior, you want to ensure that the space enhances your mood (and your guest’s), is likeable and exudes friendliness.

Functionality: Can it Withstand Actual Use?

You should not design people out of your space by making it impossible to use or maintain. A room’s usefulness far surpasses its wall colors or furniture brands. Livability and luxuriousness are parallel goals. You cannot live or work in a space that feels like a delicate museum exhibit; take into account the hardiness of the flooring, how the colors will age with use, and what could easily get banged or scratched.

True design success comes in creating a functional space that exudes luxury, enhances the mood and evokes emotion and pleasure. It is far more than just the seven essential elements of interior design; although these are important, it takes proper artistic vision and competence to bring them together for a luxury experience within your space.

If you are looking to take your interior design to the next level and create a genuinely luxurious experience, contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors today and achieve the upscale design of your dreams.

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