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Turn a Luxurious House Into an Extraordinary House With These Design Tips

Stephanie Kratz
October 21, 2021

When you purchase a home, it's a blank canvas. You now have the opportunity to transform an empty house into the home of your dreams. Buying a luxurious house is the first step, but what you do with the house on the inside is what will make it extraordinary!

Interior design is an essential part of a home transformation. You found the perfect house for you and your family or you alone, but it's not truly yours until you begin to design the interior. What's the difference between a luxurious house and an extraordinary home? 

You can find a luxurious house for sale with a large lot of land, a beautiful set of stairs, and amazing architecture. An extraordinary home can't be found on the market. It must be uniquely designed to suit all of your needs and personal preferences. 

Are you ready to create the extraordinary home of your dreams? Continue reading below for all of the interior designing tricks you need to know about!

Gourmet Kitchen and Wine Room

The kitchen is one of the biggest selling points of a home. It's easy to find a luxurious kitchen, but now it's time to make yours extraordinary! Turn your kitchen into a gourmet kitchen with an included wine room if possible. 

Restaurant-quality appliances, state of the art technology, and warming drawers are all essential interior design features. There should also be a walk-in pantry for optimal storage. When the space permits, include a wine room. 

If you're able to include a wine cellar in your kitchen, consider making it a kitchen feature rather than hiding it. 

A Home Theater 

If you or your family enjoy watching movies, then your home should have a home theater. Your home theater can double as a place to watch movies and a place to play games as well. It's an ideal spot for quality family time. 

Another great added touch to a home theater is to include a lavish sports bar in the theater room as well. This will create a real-life theater experience but better! You'll have everything you need for a fun night of entertainment without ever needing to leave your home. 

Spa Bathrooms

The bathrooms in a home are another essential selling point right after the kitchen. If the bathrooms aren't up to par, homebuyers might not even consider a house. You found a home with luxurious bathrooms, but you need to make them even better by creating a spa-like atmosphere. 

Choose paint colors that are calming and relaxing. The lighting should also be relaxing, which you can ensure by using dimmable lighting. A chandelier in the bathroom is a great way to bring you the extraordinary feeling that you're looking for. 

Bathtubs should be wide and long enough for comfortable soaking. Showers should be separate and there should be an area for a full vanity. You should also consider adding heated floors, a steam shower, towel warmers, toilet seat warmers, and more.

A Taste of the Outdoors Inside

Your luxurious home has a luxurious backyard. Why not enjoy it while inside your home? A nice taste of the outdoors on the inside is the best way to create an extraordinary atmosphere. 

Rather than having regular doors leading to your outdoor space, install floor to ceiling doors that can slide into the walls of your home, opening the backyard up and bringing it in. This is one of the best ways to receive substantial amounts of natural lighting. 

This type of door is also ideal for watching the kids play outside while cooking, cleaning, or hanging out inside. 

An Exercise Room

Have you ever insisted that you would find time to hit the gym but never got around to it? Life is busy and finding time for the gym isn't always easy. When the gym is inside your home, however, it's much more convenient. 

An at-home exercise room is ideal for homeowners who enjoy a good workout but don't have the time to spend at a gym. Luxurious home gyms should include all the essential interior design features such as flat-screen TVs, built-in speakers, and all of the latest gym equipment. 

Designer Dressing Rooms

Where do you currently get dressed each morning? Where do you undress each night? Does your luxurious home have a designer dressing room? 

If not, adding one will transform your home into an extraordinary one! Your walk-in closet isn't enough. You need a lavish dressing room with a seating area, display cases, and more. 

Don't forget that your designer dressing room should include only the finest cabinetry and built-in speakers as well! You'll then be able to listen to your favorite tunes while getting changed each day. 

Luxury Hardware 

The type of hardware that you have throughout your home can really improve your home's quality. Don't feel obligated to stick with basic hardware options. Choose hardware that's unique and creative. 

You should also install touch-less faucets, which are convenient when cooking in the kitchen. Rainfall showerheads or other luxurious types of showerheads should be used in the bathrooms.  

A Luxurious House Is an Extraordinary House When Using These Tips!

Don't settle for a luxurious house. Create an extraordinary home by following some of these interior design tips listed above!

Are you not sure where to start your home's transformation process? Click here to contact us and schedule your initial appointment to see how our team can help you!

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