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Top 3 Ways to Accentuate a Dramatic Living Room in Your Dallas Home

Stephanie Kratz
May 24, 2018

If you have a home, you become very much like an artist over time even if you're not blessed with natural artistic talents. Your living room offers the greatest opportunity for creative expression, especially if it's one of the first rooms people see when they enter your home. So think of the architectural details, the moulding, the doors, the windows and the cuts of entryways, as your canvas, and you can create a dramatic living room. With broad and sometimes subtle brush strokes, a dramatic living room can be yours if you heed those architectural details.

Here are top 3 ways to accentuate a dramatic living room in your Dallas home:

Eclectic Living Room by Memphis Interior Designers & DecoratorsAnna Baskin Lattimore Design


Choose furniture, especially long lasting furniture, that you truly love. This is important because even if the architecture of your home is traditional and your furniture tastes lean toward French-country, you can choose a few traditional accessories such as pictures, lamps, vases and pillows that create a room with traditional symmetry.

Remain true to your eclectic side

Remain true to your eclectic side. This means that a home with traditional architecture can be decorated with stunning effect using sleek, modern furniture and accessories. In fact, the contrast here is what can make your living room feel like a lofty experience through time.

Seize an opportunity when you see it. 

Seize an opportunity when you see it. For example, you may have one vast wall that threatens to thwart the rest of the room. Capitalize on this architectural detail by covering it with a dramatic, floor-to-ceiling painting. Even better? Commission a hand-painted mural. With no other one like it, it will always be uniquely yours.

There's more than one way to put your signature on a dramatic living room, which is just one of the reasons why Stephanie Kratz Interiors so enjoys consulting with homeowners about how to bring out their inner artist. Call us for a design consultation and we'll help you turn your artistic visions into a reality.

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