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To Build Or To Remodel? That Is The Question!

June 8, 2021

A common misconception regarding interior designers is that we only decorate. An interior designer helps you plan your layout, flow, and space. All while keeping in mind added elements of décor such as color choices, furniture pieces and more. However, having an interior designer by your side during the process of remodeling your home or during the process of your new construction home, can very much alter the success of the project.

Interior design is the art and science of understanding people’s behaviors and lifestyle choices and using that information to create functional and visually appealing spaces.

How do you decide?

It may be difficult to decide what is best, whether to remodel your current home or build a new construction home. People believe that remodeling may be more budget friendly, but that may not always be the case. It really does vary depending on the home and desired project.

Here are somethings to think about while considering to remodel or purchase a new build:

●     Do you love your neighborhood?.

●     Do you have an emotional attachment to your home?

●      Do you have the budget to remodel as you desire?

●     Are property values in your neighborhood rising?

●     Are new lots available in your desired neighborhood?

●     Does the cost of remodeling your home surpass its resale value?

●     Do you want changes that can’t be added to your current home?

Starting with Clients in the Construction Process Optimizes the Layout and Flow


Ideally, before you start construction on your home, you would have already hired your interior designer to get the full benefits from the beginning!  

Our jobs as interior designers isn’t just to decorate once the architects and contractors have finished, but to advocate for the homeowners’ optimal living experience through the design and construction process. Allowing an early collaboration between your interior designer and architect or project manager can save the homeowner time, money, and allow them to enjoy the home building process a lot more.

When the interior designer collaborates on your behalf with the builders and architects from the beginning, it is easier to incorporate aesthetic elements that influence placing of lighting, plumbing and more.  

Most homeowners have ideas of what they would like to see in their new homes but often times don’t consider the flow or functionality of the designs as it affects the home from room-to-room, this is what we are here for!  


Remodeling your home can be anything between a single-room renovation to a complete interior make over. Although you can drastically change the interior of your home, your wishes are often limited to the space that already exists.  

An interior designer can help give your home the “facelift” it needs while still preserving the home you have lived in for years. They help best plan existing and new elements to make sure the design flows, whether you are focused on changing one room or redesigning your entire home.

The convenience of remodeling is that smaller scale projects may allow you to stay in your current home without temporarily moving out. The interior designer can also help you in this aspect by carefully curating a plan as they remodel your home and allowing for livable spaces during this time.

While contractors are the ones that build it all out, remember that interior designers are the specialists that are trained to use space efficiently and are experts in the newest trends helping your home makeover become the vision you dreamed of.


Regardless of the decision you make, Stephanie Kratz Interiors has the expertise you need and the skills you want. Contact us today for a free consultation with Stephanie!

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