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Timeless Interior Design Is Possible — How to Make It Happen in Your McKinney Home

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Some interior designers pack homes with the latest trends and newest inventions, and these homes can quickly look dated. Homes with timeless interior design, on the other hand, can keep homeowners satisfied for years with only minor upgrades here and there.

Yes, a timeless interior design is possible. Let's see how to make it happen in your McKinney home. These tips can help:

Avoid too Much Trend

Unless it's truly in line with your personal tastes and style, ornate decor for the sake of following a trend can overwhelm a space and quickly become dated. Opt for trends that ring true with your own tastes for real design staying power. Not sure what works for you? A professional designer can help you pinpoint your interior design style and get you on the right track.

Think Functional

Image by Miami Architects & DesignersJarosz Architect, P.A. via Houzz

The timeless design stands the test of time because we continue to need it. It's functional. Bathtubs and shower spaces which comfortably fit a human body will always be in. Dining tables welcoming large groups will always be the gathering place for family and friends. Breakfast nooks with comfortable chairs will continue to be the ideal spot for reading the morning paper. Put function first in your home and you'll be sure to score a timeless interior design.

Use Traditional Colors 

Each year there's a new "it" color. This also means each year some other trendy colors are cast aside. Timeless colors such as neutral beiges, greys and off-whites might not earn your home the "on-trend" award, but they will continue to look good. If you'd like to incorporate a popular color, do so with accessories like throw pillows, rugs and artwork.

Are you trying to find the right timeless interior design for your home? Contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors. We can help you get started.

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