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Tile Styles: Which Option Is Best for the Bathroom or Kitchen in Your Dallas Home?

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

In any home design style, the materials you choose have a major impact on the final look and feel. When it comes to tile choices, there's more to consider that the style and color. The layout of the tile is equally important in your design. Here are some of the today's most popular bathroom and kitchen tile styles. Which one is the best match for your room?

Bathroom and Kitchen Tile Layouts


One of the simplest installation layouts is a stacked tiles design Tiles are laid out in a stacked grid pattern, which works especially well with a modern bathroom or kitchen design because of its clean, straight lines. Bright colored grouts are a great way to accent this style.


A classic brick layout is often used with rectangular subway tiles. By offsetting the tiles in horizontal lines, this style adds to the visual width of a room. Contrasting grout really highlights the pattern of the layout. A brick design is perfect for tiling entire walls in the bathroom. To create a little more visual height in a small bathroom, try a vertical brick pattern.

Large brick 

Get a more seamless look with a large brick tile layout. Using rich stone colors or textures, combined with matching grout, mimics the stunning look of solid plane of material.

Get professional help selecting the best bathroom and kitchen tile styles for your Dallas area home from the interior design pros at Stephanie Kratz Interiors.

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