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ROE: How Commercial Interior Design Can Maximize A Return on Environment

Stephanie Ktarz
June 8, 2021

You have less than ten seconds to make a first impression.  But the stakes are much higher when that first impression is on a potential customer you are trying to convince to invest in your business.

It makes sense that your environment, office or business space also makes a lasting impression on people, too. It does not matter how amazing your business is if you cannot bring anyone through your door.

Did you know that more than 60% of consumers have avoided going into businesses purely because of how it looks? This is why interior design should never be overlooked; it could help your business succeed.

They Know the Importance of Comfort & Continuity

It is not enough to just have an office set up or a restaurant with seating -- your business space defines your business. Brand continuity throughout your space lets people experience your style and enjoy the aesthetic benefits subconsciously, putting people at ease. When someone is comfortable, relaxed and not surprised by awkward décor, you will be much more likely to make a sale.

Not only will your business benefit from an interior designer, but your employees will as well. A visually appealing space can promote productivity and mental wellness in you and your employees.

A Designer Deals with the Fine Details

You have read the benefits of hiring an interior designer before: designers have resources, expertise and can take quite a bit of stress off your shoulders. It is even more imperative in a business setting to stay within a budget. They can handle the flooring, artwork and furniture, then tie it all together. That is what an interior designer is for – maximizing and optimizing your design potential.

It may seem like you have a good plan, or you have great taste since you know your business better than anyone. But with a professional by your side with years of experience, something as quick and easy as a lamp replacement could breathe life into an area of your business you never would have considered. A commercial designer can bring more to the table and can provide a unique perspective for your business.

Bottom Line: It Will Bring in More Business

To succeed, you have to stand out. To stand out, you need to make an unforgettable impression on anyone who sees your business. Interior designers know the trends and are constantly evolving based on new research and learned know-how based on your potential market.

You will get a great return on investment if you hire an interior designer, but you will also net a good ROE – Return on Environment. Convert visitors to customers by making your environment work for you. Ignoring or half-heartedly piecing together your business space could turn potential customers away before your first “hello.”

It is important to explore every aspect of your business’s potential: cutting costs and maximizing profit is crucial for success. You have to promote and sell your business to gain clientele or customers; consider that a professionally designed interior is like a constant marketing campaign for your business!

As a result, the cost of an interior designer saves you money in the long run by maximizing efficiency, making your space appealing, luring customers and setting the tone for your business.

If you are ready to have your office or business space start working for you, call Stephanie Kratz interior design firm to increase your Return on Environment.

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