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Planning Your Home Color Scheme? Tips to Keep in Mind Regarding the Psychology of Hues

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Designing the interior of your home takes a lot of thought and effort, even with the help of a professional interior designer. One of the most important aspects of a successful interior design is the home color scheme that you choose.

You have to be careful when choosing colors, since you want them to reflect your taste and fit the form and function of each room. You also don’t want to choose trendy colors that may go out of style in a few months.

Here's a rundown on color, what various hues mean and how they can be successfully applied:

  • Brighter colors – Bright shades of blue, green, orange and yellow are friendly colors that create the perception of space and encourage communication. This means they do well in smaller rooms, as well as social areas such as the kitchen or living room.
  • Darker colors – Darker shades of red, blue, purple and green tend to make a space feel smaller. Use them in larger rooms to create an intimate feeling that provides comfort and security.
  • Warmer colors – Orange and yellow hues increase the perceived temperature of a space and inspire activity. Use them in rooms facing north, but avoid them in more relaxing rooms such as the bedroom.
  • Cooler colorsIcy blues and greens provide a calming effect and are perfect for areas like bedrooms.

Specific Colors to Note in Your Home Color Scheme

  • Red – Red is an energetic color, but too much of it can create an irritable or hostile environment. Avoid using this color in a child’s room. Choose to use it with accents rather than as a base.
  • Navy blue – Navy blue is thought to inhibit communication, so only use it in private areas, such as the bedroom.

Color is a personal aspect of your home's design. Be sure to select hues and shades that not only reflect your personality, but also the atmosphere you're looking for in each room of your home.

For professional assistance in choosing your home color scheme, contact the experienced interior design staff at Stephanie Kratz Interiors today.

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