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New Year New Room: 10 Stunning 2019 Interior Design Trends to Watch

June 8, 2021

New Year New Room: 10 Stunning 2019 Interior Design Trends to Watch

The year just started, but it's already shaping up to be a good one for interior design! Here are 10 gorgeous 2019 design trends you need to look out for.

Staying current with interior design trends helps keep up the value of your home and raises your quality of life.

When a new year starts, you always tend to focus on yourself. Maybe you've pledged to eat healthier, lose weights, or becomes more successful.

Those resolutions are good for you, but what about your home?

You spend half your life in your house or apartment. If your dwelling makes you feel happy, you'll have a happier life! To get the happiest home you have to stay up to date with the latest interior design trends.

With fashion sharing sites like Pinterest showcasing the latest styles, it seems like you can never stay current. Don't let these influencers intimidated you, let them inspire you.

Every year people are getting more adventurous with their interior design. Don't get left behind!

The year just started, but it's already shaping up to be a good one for interior design. Here are 10 gorgeous 2019 design trends you need to look out for.

1. Harness Some Flower Power

The floral print patterns trend has been blooming for years. This year, it's expected to grow into many more homes.

These are not your grandmother's vintage wallpaper patterns. In 2019, flower patterns will be bold and abstract. Use these colorful images to accent a wall or brighten up a bathroom.

2. Do More With Less

If you're not one for big and bold flower patterers, consider going in the opposite direction. You can also help real flowers by being more environmentally friendly.

Sustainable minimalism will become a big movement over the next few years. Scaling back on your interior design helps give your home a peaceful zen vibe.

Keep this aesthetic sustainable by focusing on environmentally friendly materials. Locally sourced and recycled materials can really cut down on your environmental foot print. This is a great interior design approach for your home and the planet.

3. Freshen Up Your Fireplace

If you want your home to look cool, then your fireplace has to be hot. Fireplaces can be gaudy, old fashioned eye sores in a living room. Give your fireplace a facelift this year.

Simply add new materials to your mantel or highlight a fresh accent. You can have a contemporary fireplace with no major construction or price tag.

4. Tweed Is Trendy

After velvet took a star turn in the past couple of years, it's time for another textured fabric to enter the spotlight. Tweed is not just for college professor's sports coats anymore.

Tweed, which is simply tightly woven wool, gives your living room a sophisticated touch. It also works well with a variety of fabrics. You won't have to rework your entire space to incorporate trendy tweed.

5. Kick Some Brass

Stainless steel has been accenting kitchen and bathrooms for the better part of a decade. Polished nickel had a run, too. Now it's time to make something old, new again.

Brass is the hot new trend in metal accents. It's warmer and more versatile than stainless steel. It's also less expensive while still giving off high class sophistication feels.

Don't follow the trends of last year, set the trends for years to come!

6. Get High With Your Plants

No, not THAT plant. This is a tip for you to grow a vertical garden. A vertical garden is floor to ceiling plants covering a portion of your wall.  

Your space will instantly look and feel more fresh.

Don't worry if you don't have a green thumb. There's many realistic looking fake plants that can fill a vertical garden. That way, you can enjoy your plant wall for years to come.

7. Kitchen's Got Black

Recently, everyone has been designing pure white kitchens. Walls, backsplashes, and appliances all pearly white. Buck this trend and go black.

It may sound like a drastic move, but more and more people are going for this sleek and sexy look. You don't have to go totally goth. Mix in some dark wood tones and gold accents for warmth and tonal variety.

You won't know how much you'll like a black kitchen until you see it in person. So be brave and make the change!

8. Pick a Prickly Plant

Pattered plants and succulents have been the go-to greens for domestic forestry. Why not be a bit more dangerous? Bring some cacti into your abode.

Cactus are like organic works of art. They are also very easy to keep alive with little water needed. Plus, they give your space that very subtle element of danger.

Add some shelves and fill them with small cacti. Or, get a big statement cactus for the middle of your room. Keep your home looking sharp in 2019!

9. Get Artsy With Your Fixtures

Handmade light fixtures are an affordable way to support local artisans. There's many burgeoning artists in urban areas using reclaimed materials to design inventive pieces.

Because these artists are new and they are using recycled elements, the price of these pieces can be very affordable.

A unique light fixture is a great way to help guide the focus of your guests in your newly designed space. They warm up your room with cozy light and conversation. You can tell all your guests about the artist you've patronized and help further support the local arts scene.

10. Canopy Beds Are Back

Boutique hotels have changed the way people sleep. Everyone now wants their own cozy slumber oasis. This may be be why grand canopy beds have been coming back in style.

You don't have to get a huge Victorian era bed that takes up your whole room. New canopy beds are slim and ergonomic. If you want to stay trendy while you sleep, get yourself a modern canopy bed.

Are You Up With All These 2019 Design Trends?

If not, it's time for a home make over. Stay ahead of the pack and implement these 2019 design trends today!

No worries if you're not into DIY. Contact us and we'll help make your interior design dreams come true.

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