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Nervous About Adding Color to Your Home? Beautiful Ways to Ease Into It

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Color is always a hot topic when it comes to interior design. If you've have grown accustomed to a mostly monochromatic decor, the idea of adding color to your home may make you a little nervous. Are you afraid to turn your home over to a designer only to come home to fuchsia walls and neon duvet covers? Bringing color into your living space doesn't have to be shocking. Take a breath and consider a few ways to transition gently.

Here are some ideas on adding color to your home,

Neutral Tones 

For the most color-skittish, a mix of neutrals can add a surprising sense of color and style to a room. Bring in accessories, throw pillows and accent furnishings in various shades of gray, tan and white. Add contrast by working in rich wood tones or touches of black. If you're ready to expand the palette just a little, add an elegant flair with warm metallics - think picture or mirror frames, lamp bases or accent tables.

Natural Hues 

Certain shades of blues and greens almost feel neutral because we see them every day in nature, blending easily with a variety of hues. While a seemingly bold choice, even a deep navy has a subtlety that works well with nearly any color palette. Pale greens also mix well with neutral or colorful decor, while providing less of an obvious contrast.

Color Families 

If you're willing to go beyond neutral tones, try choosing a family of colors that have the same degree of saturation, whether you choose all jewel tones or all pastels. A consistent level of color and richness will keep the room feeling harmonious and comfortable.

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