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9 Ways to Maximize Your Open Loft Space

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

When you're decorating a loft, you'll be faced with challenges that wide-open space provides. These tips can help you attractively solve those issues:

1. Lack of storage is something that many loft-dwellers experience. Attractive free-standing storage units are available that will hold your things without detracting from the beauty of the loft.

Loft design
‍Image by Reiko Feng Shui Interior Design via Houzz

2. Using attractive shelving units to divide spaces will help you combine form with function to hold your accessories. These add both visual interest and functionality to your home, such as vases, bowls and meaningful objects.

3. Put casters on your furniture to make the pieces easy to move so that you can easily change the appearance and function of your home.

4. Well-placed mirrors represent good ways to create the illusion of more space.

5. Rugs also help separate the spaces inside the loft, and by combining different shades, colors, textures and sizes throughout the loft, you've created a visual field for each individual space

6. Hang lights at different levels throughout the space to either accent a small area or illuminate a larger one, such as the dining area and kitchen.

7. Choose a wall area inside the loft where you create your own gallery of artwork or photos. When you're decorating a loft, you want it to be a reflection of your individual taste that you can use graphics to convey.

8. Selecting a few accent furnishings that match the style of your current furniture can help tie the room together, strengthening its visual focus.

9. Throw pillows and poofs are another way to add visual interest and texture to the loft without taking up much space.

If you're decorating a loft or considering it in the Dallas area, contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors for help in making it a treasured, functional space.

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