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Less Is More: How to Use Minimalist Decor to Create a Striking Design in Any Room

June 8, 2021

Less Is More: How to Use Minimalist Decor to Create a Striking Look

Minimalism has cemented itself as a timeless interior design trend. Here's how to use minimalist decor to create a stunning look in any room.

When you think of minimalism, Marie Kondo and decluttering might come to mind. Or, modern furniture with sleek lines and no personality.

Neither of these is right or wrong. Minimalism is about simplifying, and it can be different for everyone.

For interior design, simplification makes your space feel more open. Minimalism is a style for those who care less about things and more about moments. You don't need sentimental knick-knacks reminding you of memories or people.

Sound like you? Minimalism could be the perfect style for your home. Keep reading to learn how to use minimalist decor in every room.  

What Is Minimalist Interior Design?

Minimalism at its core is about simplicity, function, and beauty. Although it's sometimes perceived as cold and boring, it's actually far from that.

After gaining popularity in the mid-2000s, it's never gone out of style. One reason for that is its versatility. You can be a lover of color and aesthetics while still being a minimalist.

To make your space minimalist, you need to par down your visible belongings. Live simpler; focus on quality and function. For more tips on minimalist décor, keep reading.  

Every Piece Is Functional

Since the goal is to have less clutter, the items you do leave out are important. You must intentionally place each object in your space. There's a reason for that ottoman, side table, or artwork.

For many items, that reason is functionality.

Minimalists will often choose décor pieces that double as something else. A luxurious fur ottoman is also a storage unit for blankets. A stunning art piece on the wall flips up to reveal an electric panel.

Try to ensure every item you choose to decorate with has at least 1-2 functions.

Simplicity Is Everything

If you live a busy life with a stressful career, coming home to simplicity is a treat. Why make your personal oasis as chaotic as your work schedule?

To create a true minimalist paradise at home, declutter. Donate or throw out every item that doesn't add value. If you don't look at it and smile or don't use it, you don't need it.

For the items you sometimes use, store them in clever storage units. The idea is not to cover every surface with things. Allow the clean lines and open spaces to relax you.

If you can use this perspective in each room's décor, you'll have a minimalist home.

Focus on Structure

Minimalism allows the bones of your home to shine. Rather than hiding it in trendy décor items and useless junk, honor your home's architecture.

With less stuff to distract your eyes, you can truly appreciate the structure of your house. If you bought a home because of its stunning windows, let them be the focal point. Wooden beams, hardwood floors, and vaulted ceilings are features to highlight.

Don't think of minimalism as getting rid of your style and belongings. It's about cherishing your home's architecture and intentionally giving it attention.

Less Is More

Since you'll buy fewer décor pieces as a minimalist, focus on quality. You may only need six dining room chairs, so make them the best you can afford.

One aspect of minimalism is slowing down the shopping cycle. When you buy timeless, high-quality things, you don't have to replace them. In ten years, you'll still love those stunning dining room chairs.

When you do go shopping, practice the "one in, one out" rule. Every time you bring something new into the home, you must get rid of something else. This prevents clutter from accumulating again.  

Allow the small accessories, like dinnerware, to change with the seasons. But remember that less is more when it comes to minimalism.

A Neutral Palette

If you research minimalism on Pinterest, you might see a lot of all-white rooms. White walls, furniture, and accessories. While this can be minimalist, it doesn't have to be.

Minimalist décor uses a neutral palette throughout the whole house. Every room uses a variation of your chosen colors.

For some, that's greys and whites. For others, its beiges and yellows.

Decide what neutral colors you want to use in the background of your home. Remember, these are the colors that will let your home's bones get the attention.

Then, don't be afraid to add variety through textures. Too many colors will make the space look busy. But layering textures will add dimension and interest.

For example, choose a few different materials for throw pillows. Keep them all within the same neutral color family. They won't steal the show but will make the living room look and feel chic.

Beauty in Negative Space

Many people tend to over-decorate. We have the urge to fill every space on the wall and cranny on the floor with something, even if it doesn't get used.

For example, do you have lounge chair in the corner that no one sits on? Perhaps it's uncomfortable and people don't lounge in that room often. Nevertheless, you keep it there to fill that space.

To use minimalist décor, you need to embrace negative spaces. Resist the urge to fill every spot with an ottoman or bookshelf. Allow the room to breathe.

This applies to every room of the house. Your kitchen doesn't need an appliance on every counter surface. Your closet doesn't need a massive shoe shelf if you only wear the same few pairs.

Be intentional when you hang things on your walls. An art piece here or there could be nice, but it can quickly get tacky when you add too many. Be wary of gallery walls when using minimalist décor.

Ready to Start Designing with Minimalist Décor?

Minimalist décor is a gorgeous, yet tricky, design. It embodies simplicity and ease but can be difficult to get there from where you are now.

Follow the tips above to make the transition to a minimalist home easier.

Stephanie Kratz Interiors is an award-winning design firm experienced in minimalist décor. If you need help transforming your space, contact us about your project. Minimalism makes your home functional and chic; who doesn't want that?

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