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Latest Trends to Give Your Kitchen the Perfect Outlook

Nicole Andrews
June 8, 2021

Author Bio: Nicole Andrews is the marketing manager for Euro Marble in Sydney, Australia. With a background in interior design, she enjoys writing about the latest industry trends. In her spare time, she walks her dog Rusco down at Bondi Beach. 

The progress of time has affected many changes leading to the birth of the modern kitchen. The changes coming from social structure and improvement in technology propelled the zeal to continue remodeling the kitchen in better ways to create an equilibrium between the social transformation and technological effect. Below are the latest trends when it comes to kitchen designs:


Smart kitchen

Smart kitchen is becoming the present and future kitchen design. It consists of electronic devices coupled with harmless environmental elements which are designed to foster energy saving; in other words, reduction of workload and time. Smart kitchen paves the way for sustainability, efficiency, and home connectedness.

The kitchen device can be used to search for information about meals by the user and can as well be of use in finding the recipe for preparing meals. The components of a smart kitchen include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, software, cameras, hence making the device technological. 

Others include pull-out baskets, drawers, open shelves, and pantries.  It also has a space for storage and a layout. To get acquainted with a modern kitchen or remodeling your kitchen, smart kitchen remains the best for time and energy saving accompanied by efficient storage.


Kitchen Island

Kitchen island is now the hub and nave of kitchen designs. The kitchen island provides more storage space for the kitchen lacking adequate storage area. It has storage areas like pullout shelves, drawers, and cabinets. 

Apart from the large storage capacity of the kitchen island, it also has the function of being an informal dining place for the kids, place to entertain guests and get entertained while preparing for a meal goes on. It is also a place where one can prepare huge meals with friends. Drinking can also take place on the kitchen island. The kitchen island serves a multipurpose function.


Hidden Storage

Concealed storage is designed in the kitchen to make provisions for a hide-out for things. It is a great way of making a room bigger and at the same time, keeping it clean. 

It is also an approach taken when one needs to keep the overall design of a room clean and still wants extra storage compartments for essential items. The concealed storage may not just be for the storage essential items; rather, it can also serve as a place for the trash. This makes the kitchen room appearing neat and lovable.

Colored upholstery

Using a colored fiber to cover the furniture in a kitchen adds more beauty to the kitchen design. Gone are the days when the coloration of kitchen is mostly pure white. A touch of different colors such as blue counter stools, a patterned roman shade or powdered coated island pendants can go a long way in beautification of the kitchen.


Individual pantries and larders

Pantries are usually located in or near the kitchen, centrally dedicated for food storage and/or storing kitchenware just like a larder, but smaller. Since the pantry is not typically temperature-controlled (unlike a refrigerator or root cellar), the foods stored in a pantry are usually shelf-stable staples such as grains, flours, and preserved foods. Pantries and ladders remain one of the biggest storing trends in the kitchen. The importance is immeasurable to a modern kitchen, and it is also a source of beautification.


Hardwood- colored ceramic flooring

Hardwood flooring dates back for ages because of the love for the color. Ceramic flooring is getting more attention because of its easier maintenance and also the convenience of getting the flooring materials in different sizes, designs, and styles. Ceramic materials can be designed to have graphics that are symbolic to nature. The graphics design could be a tree, stone, mountains, flowers, animals, and a lot more. For those that want a hardwood look floor, they can go for the ceramics with such color.

Quartz countertops

With quartz, there is less need for sealing and scrubbing and other forms of upkeep that is necessary with granite. The benefits of quartz to the kitchen design are numerous. Some include long-lasting attractive nature with different color designs; there is no need for sealing, it is adaptable to any setting, very durable and sustainable. Might I mention here that it is more cost-effective than terrazzo and other similar products, it is chemical resistant and environmentally friendly? 

Quartz countertops are adaptable to both light and dark settings, making it a perfect fit for the kitchen structure.


The coloration of kitchen cabinets.

A very big goodbye has been waved to the kitchen of the past in which the dominant color used is pure white. Colored kitchen cabinets have become one of the trending modern kitchen designs. For those without open shelves, giving a good color to the kitchen cabinets can go a long way in giving the kitchen a beautiful outlook. Due to the differences in color preference by kitchen owners, the color of paint is always chosen based on taste.


Open Kitchen shelves

The trend of open shelves kitchen design is on the increase but it's not for everyone since the design is based on the taste and choice of the owner. One of the benefits of open shelves is that it promotes neatness as a result of being able to spot dirt wherever it may be thereby leading to general neatness of the kitchen. It is cheaper than the cabinet. Open shelves pave the way to the easier finding of kitchen utensils and dishes. This is due to its openness. Whatever is inside can easily be seen. Open shelves serve as a form of decorative design. Also, portraits can be kept there. Open shelves are more accessible to everyone most especially to guests. Items are easily found without much questions asked.


Use of LED lights.

Photo credit: LED World

The LED light shines brighter than halogen and fluorescent bulbs. In a kitchen where one handles different harmful objects such as knives, hot burners, stoves, having the LED light is probably a good idea. LED bulb provides such brightness to give your kitchen a beautiful glow. LED lights last longer than fluorescence and halogen bulbs and this would come in handy when considering cost efficiency.


Kitchen Benches and banquette seats

This inbuilt sitting arrangement serves as a place of warmth and intimacy among the household. It can serve as a place of relaxation. It is multi-functional and usually contains a preparation space, eating area, and so on.


In conclusion, you could make use of one or more of the trending kitchen designs to beautify your kitchen. Mind you, many of these items are cost friendly and energy saving. Make choices according to your taste, and watch your kitchen get transformed.

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