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Keep Those Piggies Happy: Top 9 Luxury Flooring Options

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

When designing your dream home, you want your floors to look rich and inviting. The right flooring brings the entire room together and creates a cohesive space.

You also want your floor to feel nice underneath your feet. Whether you prefer a cool stone or a warm wood, the right flooring makes you comfortable at home.

Luxury floors have visual appeal and also feel good on your feet. But with so many choices on the market, how do you choose the right luxury flooring option?

Read on to learn about the most popular choices and find out which one suits your home best.

Natural Stone

Natural stone looks gorgeous in the home and feels nice and cool beneath your feet. Expensive natural stone options like marble instantly create a sense of opulence.

It's important to understand that quarrying for stone is expensive and adds to the cost of materials. Hard and dense stones are also more difficult to quarry, meaning the price of these materials will be higher.

Even still, nothing says luxury like marble. Depending on the space it might make that perfect finishing touch.

Mosaic Floor Tile

Mosaic tiles are unique due to their near limitless options. They can be made out of handmade tile, glass, antique tile, pebbles or other materials.

Mosaic tiles can be square, round, or arranged in patterns. And mosaic tiles aren't limited to geometric patterns either. You can have any design incorporated into your floor pattern.

The more intricate the pattern, the higher the cost. But you can make your floor one of a kind with the right materials and design.

Reclaimed Hardwood

Nothing quite beats the feel of natural hardwood beneath your feet. Hardwood is a go-to choice for high end flooring.

If you're looking for a wood with character, consider reclaimed hardwood. It's perfect for homes with that rustic look and feel.

This style of hardwood is also ideal if you're looking for a floor type that hides wear and tear. Because of the dated and rustic look, it hides both scratches and dents better than other styles of hardwood. This is great if you have children or pets.

Reclaimed hardwood is also an environmentally friendly choice because you're repurposing the wood.

Not sure if this style is a good fit for your home? An interior design service can answer any questions you might have about the look and feel of a choice like reclaimed hardwood.

Oak Hardwood

Hardwood is warm and welcoming, creating an inviting atmosphere in the home. Oak is arguably the king of the hardwoods and the wood that usually comes to mind when you think of quality and durability.

Hardwood is practical for areas like the living room because of its durability. It's also gaining popularity as a kitchen floor choice this year.

Oak is a popular choice for the home because it's both long-lasting and stain-resistant. Oak also has a lot of character and goes well in a variety of homes.

There are also plenty of other hardwood options. Maple, cherry, mahogany, ash, and walnut all have their own charm sure to look gorgeous in your home.

Exotic Hardwood

Exotic hardwood is most often imported from Africa or South America meaning it's both a rare and expensive choice. Still, exotic hardwood can make your home unique due to the scarcity of the materials.

When choosing exotic hardwood, it's important to look for reputable suppliers that practice sustainable production. Companies that are connected to the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) are sure to follow practices of responsible forest management.

Because sustainable forestry adds to the cost, expect to pay more for this flooring option. Exotic hardwood is one of the most expensive hardwood floor choices. However, although exotic hardwood is one of the most expensive flooring options, it's just what you need to get that high-end look and feel.

Ceramic Tiles

Designer or high-end ceramic tiles can set your floor apart and are low maintenance as well.

Ceramic tiles feel nice and cool beneath your feet. Ceramic is also durable and non-porous. This means it's ideal for spaces like the bathroom or powder room because it holds up well against moisture.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is very similar to ceramic tile and also makes a great flooring option. Porcelain is more impervious to water but also harder to cut than ceramic tile.

There are many different styles of porcelain tiles to choose from. For example, it can mimic the look of wood or stone. This style of porcelain is a popular choice in bathrooms as an alternative to wood or vinyl.

Luxury Vinyl

When you think about luxury, vinyl isn't usually the first choice that comes to mind. However, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a game-changer.

LVT mimics the look and feel of real wood flooring. LVT is a new addition to the market and is more durable than other options on the list. It also offers the feel of wood or stone at a fraction of the cost.

Think of Luxury vinyl flooring as the high-end version of traditional vinyl. In the right space, it can enhance the room. Plus, LVT feels warmer under your feet and is also slip-resistant.

Wool Carpet

Sometimes, you just want to sink your feet into a plush carpet. If you're looking for a quality carpet choice, consider wool carpeting.

Unlike synthetic carpet fibers, wool carpet is far superior in terms of look and feel. Surprisingly, wool carpet is also both stain and oil resistant. It also stands up to foot traffic well because of its elasticity.

As a bonus, there is no off-gassing with wool carpet. It's also better for allergy sufferers because it repels dust mites.

Because wool is great for dyeing, there are a wide variety of color options out there. This means you can work the design into any style room.

Hire a Designer to Find the Perfect Luxury Flooring Option

When it comes to choosing the right luxury flooring for your space, you have to consider a variety of factors such as lifestyle. Another factor to consider is how you like your floor to feel beneath your feet. You want those toes to be happy!

If you're not sure which option you love best, hire an interior designer to bring your vision to life. An interior designer helps walk you through the process and answers any questions you might have.

Contact us today to help make your dream home a reality.

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