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Interior Design Advice: Amazing Interior Design Secrets

June 8, 2021

Who doesn't want a home that wows guests as soon as they walk in the door? Great interior design is the best way to show off your unique style and transform your house into your ideal home. 

Some people can feel a little intimidated when making big changes to their home decor. However, styling your home isn't as complicated as it may seem. Read on for some interior design advice that can help you create the beautiful home you've been envisioning. 

Start with a Plan 

Before you paint the walls or splurge on new furniture, take some time to make a plan for the room. Draw out some ideas for how you would like everything to look.

Start by measuring the room to determine exactly how much space you have to work with. Measure the furniture you plan to have in there, too. It would be disappointing to find furniture that you love just to find that it doesn't fit correctly in the space. 

Aside from the practical details, put some thought into the overall style and color scheme. This will help ensure that each piece works in harmony with your vision instead of clashing against it. 

Good Lighting

Everything looks better in a space with good lighting. Upscale lighting fixtures are a great way to instantly make a room feel more luxurious. 

Pendant lighting is a particularly good choice for a sophisticated feel. It draws the eye upward and makes a room feel more spacious. 


Decorating with houseplants makes any room feel lush and vibrant. It's an easy way to bring life and color into a space. A large houseplant in particular will be an instant focal point.  

Reflective Surfaces

Incorporating reflective surfaces throughout the room creates visual interest and a glamorous feel. Materials such as polished metal, glass, and crystal are eyecatching and luxurious. 

Mirrors can help achieve this effect, as well. They can also help make a room feel larger. 

White Woodwork

White woodwork can be a great way to freshen up a space without changing much of the original color palette. White woodwork complements any design style, whether you like a traditional or more modern look. 


Inspiring artwork is key to pulling a room together and making it unique. The art you choose is a great way to show off your personality and display whatever speaks to you. Just be sure that it complements the rest of the room's style and color palette. 

Combine Old and New

Don't be afraid to mix modern and antique furnishings and decor. A combination of new purchases and vintage pieces creates variety and unique style. 

Hardwood Floors

Installing hardwood floors is a classic way to add some sophistication to any room. Quality hardwood floors complement any style of decor and can increase the value of your home. 


Many homeowners tend to shy away from wallpaper, but it can be a great design tool. Wallpaper in a cheerful color and interesting pattern is a simple way to brighten up a room and add visual interest. If you're not so sure about committing to wallpaper, try it out in a room like a pantry or a hallway first. 

Don't Forget the Ceiling

Decorating the ceiling is an easy way to add a bit of wow to a room. There are many ways to make your ceiling stand out, such as painting it in a contrasting color, stenciling designs, or covering it with wallpaper.

The Entryway

Make sure guests are greeted in style by designing an elegant entryway. A few chairs and a table will give guests a place to sit down and take their shoes off or put them on. If you have space, you could even opt for a bench or a small couch. 

Dark Accent Walls

Dark paint can look very sophisticated, but many homeowners may worry that dark colors could make their home seem dingy or closed-in. A single dark accent wall will give the same vibe without making the room feel too dark. It will be an instant focal point and provide a dramatic backdrop for wall art and furnishings. 

Window Treatments

Quality window treatments are essential to creating a room that feels fully finished. Curtains are a classic choice that comes in many fabrics and designs to suit any taste.

There are many types of curtains to choose from, but many designers suggest a ceiling-to-floor style. Curtains of this length will make a room feel large and grand. 


Use a variety of textures in your home decor. This will make a room feel sumptuous and will give your design depth.

You can combine different fabrics and materials in a creative way to achieve a one-of-a-kind look. Consider using leather, velvet, wicker, and silk in unexpected ways. 


Be True to Your Own Sense of Style

When decorating your home, it's important that you are completely in love with the end result. In order to make sure you're happy with the room when it's finished, choose colors, styles, and pieces that you love. 

Don't follow trends just because everyone else is doing it. You don't want to look back and be disappointed when trends fall out of fashion. 

Looking for More Interior Design Advice?

There's no one right way to style a room. Interior design is an art form with tons of freedom for self-expression. 

Your interior decor should represent your tastes and lifestyle.  With these expert interior design tips, you can easily turn your home into a masterpiece. 

Need a little more interior design advice before tackling your next big project? Contact us today to see how we can help. 

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