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Incorporating Wine Storage Into Your Home Design When a Cellar Isn’t Feasible

Stephanie Kratz
June 14, 2018

True wine connoisseurs will want to settle for nothing less than the perfect storage conditions of a wine cellar. For many homeowners, however, that's simply not an option. So what's a wine lover to do? Fear not. There are plenty of options, both elegant and functional, to keep your wine drinkable while adding a little extra style to your home design. Consider these ideas for creating a home wine storage area.

Start with what not to do

Keep in mind conditions that are bad for wine. Vibration, heat and fluctuating temperatures can all ruin the taste of your wine. This means that whatever storage solution you choose, you should avoid storing wine above the refrigerator or near the stove. Wine also fares badly in direct sunlight, so keep it away from any windows that let natural light flood in.

If you have the space for it, one option is a wine refrigerator

Unlike normal refrigerators, these units don't vibrate and they control the temperature of the wine at all times.

Wine storage in your kitchen island

When planning out your home's kitchen design, you may consider incorporating wine storage into your island, giving your bottles a protective shelter away from major sources of heat and light. This is a particularly good option if the island doesn't house the stove.

Wall space

Another more decorative choice is utilizing wall space between studs. Your interior designer can help you create an attractive recessed wine rack or set of wine shelves. If shelves are designed to hold bottles sideways, make sure they have a lip that's sizable enough to keep them from rolling off.

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