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Incorporating the Holidays into your Design

June 8, 2021

Decorating for Christmas is more than just preparing for Christmas Day itself -you are preparing your home to welcome in a season which focuses on love, hope, joy, and giving. So, when entering your space, the Christmas décor should give an impression of comfort and welcome while simultaneously giving the subtle impression that something special is happening.

Create the idyllic Christmas ambiance in your home with a simple balance of your existing look and the feel of the season.

The Christmas Feel

The home should look as if Christmas simply blossomed out of the elements that have already been placed in the space. When an area is originally designed, great thought goes into incorporating all the aspects of comfort while maintaining a look of luxury and sophistication.  Adding features of the Holiday Season should preserve the haven you’ve already created, while adding invigorating festive details. The Christmas season is a time of friends, family, and togetherness with the warmth of the fire, the spice and fragrances of home and hearth, and the perfect décor will incorporate both the natural décor elements you already love and find comforting, while adding in touches that add a bit of spice to the look and feel.


The Christmas Home

The key factor when designing your home’s Christmas look is to flow within the characteristics and the feel that is already in place. If the décor is traditional, then the selection of Christmas touches should remain that add a touch of boldness and fun. While adding in seasonal touches, a keen eye should be kept on the decorative balance in the space.


Whimsical design elements can add a memorable impression which makes the Christmas season extra special.


The perfect décor will incorporate both the natural décor elements you already love and find comforting, while adding in touches that add a bit of spice to the look and feel as well as smell. There's probably a time you can think of that just makes you smile because of the feel and smell you remember. You are now creating those for your loved ones...what will they smell when they think of this time in your space. There are many favorite holiday smells that will add to the ambiance of your space and design – homemade apple pie or fresh winter snow give two very different comforts to different styles.


The Christmas Tree

The focal point of every home at Christmas is, of course, the tree. (And many of us love “the tree” so much that we have several set up in our home!) For the design to feel cohesive, the tree must be connected with the rest of the feel and look of the Christmas décor chosen throughout the space. An ostentatious, overly tinseled, garish tree in a clean, contemporary home would create a jarring effect which wouldn’t give your family or your guests the feelings that we often associate with Christmas. The perfect décor choices will match your tree... to your home.

If you have a glamorous home -you should have a glamorous tree.

The Christmas Spirit

This can be a lot to consider during the busiest season of the year! You already have to get presents for everyone on the list, attend all those Christmas events, and find time to get pictures scheduled for Christmas cards! Take it one step at a time and don’t forget to enjoy the small joys and designs of your home. Try something new and different this year or be inspired for a complete home make over.


Get in touch with us at Stephanie Kratz Interiors and let us give your home the design and feel you have always longed for all year round!

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