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How to Use the 9 Most Popular Colors in Your Home's Interior

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Don't settle for neutral colors! Using color in interior design will add just the right amount of personality and style to your spaces. Up next I will show you how to use the 9 most popular colors in your home's interior.


No longer a passing trend, gray is here to stay. Use it to suggest a sense of drama in a dining room or relaxation in a bedroom.


Always ready to make a statement, red is stunning on an accent wall or can be used subtly in rugs and throws.


An old-time favorite for little girls, pink can add a bright sophistication to any room.


Orange is as powerful as red at making a statement, yet cozy at the same time. Use on subtle accent pieces or accent walls to add instant warmth.


Alive and refreshing, pale green adds elegance to the dining room. Strong green in the bathroom suggests clean and natural.


Bright and bold blues can add liveliness to some spaces while more subtle hues can be soothing and calming.


When used sparingly, purple can be brought outside of the playroom as an elegant but modern element of fun and joy in a room.


Classic and clean, white does not have to be boring. When done right, white can make a statement like no other color can.


Warm chocolate browns can add drama and a spice to a room, while the right tone of soothing beige will calm any space without being boring.


Now considered the “new neutral”, black adds a dramatic flair to any space. Combined with the right lighting, black can be used to go bold and paint the walls for the highest drama.

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