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How To Turn Your Basement Into a Home Gym

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

What are you using your basement for? Has it become a makeshift storage space, filled with boxes of old, unused possessions and furniture that you haven’t had the time to go through and get rid of? If so, why not take that unused space and turn it into your own personal home gym? Designing a home gym with an interior designer ensures you're maximizing your space while including everything you'd like. 

Here's the game plan for how to turn your basement into a home gym:

  • Planning the space – Figure out what your priorities are in terms of your personal workout goals, since different pieces of equipment will take up more space. For example, if you’re more focused on cardio, then you’ll want to prioritize space for a treadmill as opposed to a weight bench.

  • Use plenty of lighting – Having adequate light not only helps ensure you and your family's safety, but it can also help motivate you.

  • Choose the right flooring – Rubber flooring is usually the best option considering the fact that you’ll be using heavy gym equipment. Not only is it durable, but it will also offer plenty of grip. Another option is to lay down wall-to-wall carpeting over a rubber floor to improve both the visual appeal of the space as well as the comfort.

  • Remember to circulate the air – Basements don't often have the best ventilation, and since you’ll be sweating while working out, you’ll want to install some overhead fans to keep the air circulating.

  • Use energetic colors – When painting the walls, try using colors that help get your blood pumping and enhance your mood, such as orange, green and red. Interior designers understand the psychology of color and can help you determine what will motivate you the most.

If you're designing a home gym and need professional design expertise, contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors. We will be more than happy to turn your basement into a home gym! 

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