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How to Pick the Right Interior Designer?

June 8, 2021

When it comes to picking the right interior designer, it can be kind of like dating. You need to put in some work, trust, and ask the right questions when first meeting.


Match Making

To have a truly successful project with an interior designer, you need to find one that aligns with your style, needs, and personality. If you do not align artistically or visually, can you image how your project will turnout?


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The Right Interior Designer Makes The Difference


We live in the digital age where everything is available to us at our fingertips. One of the best and easiest ways to see if you and your prospective interior designer are a good fit is by viewing their portfolio on their website or through social media. This allows you to see their styles based on the work and projects they have already completed.



It begins by scheduling, meeting, and asking the right questions to make sure you are picking the right interior designer, for you. The key here is communication because without properly discussing your expectations, your interior designer cannot formulate the right plan for your project. Whether you are keen to be hands-off or are more inclined to being involved in the project on each decision, this is an important detail that must be communicated to the interior designer. For any design project to be successful, communication is key!



The more aesthetic information you can provide when meeting your interior designer, the clearer your vision and desires for the project will be. All this allowing your interior designer to draw up the plan to design your space accordingly. Also, remember to take an inventory of what design pieces or existing furniture and accessories you may already have and would like to incorporate into your new design.


Bringing inspirational pictures from social media or online to the meeting with your interior designer is phenomenal. You may or may not know the style names, but an expert interior designer will know by looking at your inspiration what style, feel, and vision you are desiring. When a client trusts how the interior designer works with creative vision, it makes for the most fun, exciting, —and not to mention— beautiful projects!



Being honest about your budget is also key. Having a budget plan does not mean your aesthetic desires cannot be achieved, but a professional interior designer cannot be pro-active in staying within your true budget if that is not clearly communicated.



Asking questions and being prepared for your initial meeting with an interior designer can be beneficial for both parties. Knowing what to ask comes down to what is most important for you to go over and discuss with your interior designer.


Here Are 5 Questions to Ask When Picking an Interior Designer:


1.      How long would you anticipate the project to be completed?

2.      Does our availability line up?

3.      What is your project management style?

4.      What is expected of me in this process?

5.      How do you charge and what does your fee include?



There are many aspects that go into picking the right interior designer for your projects. It does not matter if you are looking to use an interior designer for the first time or are redesigning your home forthe third or fifth time, having the right interior designer is crucial.


The interior designer that you fit well with through communication, design style, and budget is going to transform your project into something better than you could have imagined! Do not wait for tomorrow…findyour right interior designer today! If you are looking to pick the right interior designer in the DFW area, contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors today!

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