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How to Create a Neutral Dining Room That’s Soothing and Stylish

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Though bold, vibrant tones certainly make a statement when it comes to interior design, a neutral color scheme can be just as stylish. A well-designed monochromatic palette can give a room a warm, inviting feel. Neutrals also make a wonderful foundation for creativity and colorful accents that don't overwhelm the space. A neutral dining room is an excellent example.

Here's how to create a neutral dining room that’s soothing and stylish

Go neutral with large foundation pieces

Your biggest investment in the dining room will likely be the dining table and chairs, which will also be the part of your room that stays the same for years to come. Choose neutral colors and materials that can be easily be accessorized. From plates to centrepieces, accessories can bring in complementing neutrals or lively pops of color, depending on your taste, mood, the season, etc.

Consider the shade of your finishes

Neutral hues range from light to dark and greatly affect the feeling of the room. When it comes to your dining table, for instance, a lighter finish will make the room feel more airy and relaxed, while a darker finish tends to feel more formal.

Make sure your neutrals work well with other tones 

Beiges and tans can have slightly warm golden hues or grayish undertones. Choosing the latter will make it easier to add just about any other color you like when accessorizing. Grey-toned tan hues keep the room looking fresh.

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