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Hardwood Heaven: The 8 Hottest Hardwood Flooring Trends in Luxury Homes

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

1. Sustainable Bamboo

If you want to get technical bamboo is actually a grass, not a wood. However, using engineered wood technology manufacturers can convert this material into a sleek, solid, beautiful hardwood floor. You might never have guessed that a grass could be made into such a durable, easy-to-clean material for your floor.

Bamboo is light-colored, making it great for smaller rooms as light-colored floors make rooms appear larger.

The best part of all?

It's a sustainable material. Of course, trees regrow as well, but it takes much, much longer. You'll be doing your part to help the environment by choosing this fast-growing plant as the material for your floors.

2. Exotic Woods

If you want a truly unique look to your hardwood floor, you might want to consider not using the same wood species as everyone else. Be willing to think outside the box a little and opt for an exotic wood from somewhere else in the world.

For a warm look, opt for reddish brown Brazilian cherry wood. The dramatic streaks of black give this wood a stunning, unique look that will complement your home nicely.

Other exotic woods to consider include teak, wenge, and iroko. Many of these woods are also very sustainable

3. The Rustic Look

The rustic farmhouse look is still going strong and is a great choice for kitchens in particular.

The look is easy to create using naturally aged materials, or distressed or textured wood. Another great (and sustainable) way to create the look is by opting for reclaimed wood.

Opt for wide planks in a variety of colors. Of course, keep the colors in the same color family and be sure to match the undertones so your floors look chic and not a hodgepodge.

4. The Dark Side

Darker colors is a trend that just keeps growing in popularity. A solid black or very dark brown hardwood floor makes a strong statement without even trying.

If you're not careful, it can also make a strong statement about your skills as a housekeeper. The lightest layer of dust shows up glaringly on black and other very dark colors. Thus, dark colors are more popular in high-end homes where there is typically someone to help with the cleaning.

To avoid the extra work but still get the chic look of dark floors, some folks choose dark colors with a cool undertone (as opposed to warm brown/red undertones). This is a fantastic way to make your decor pop and we predict it will stay on trend for quite a while.

5. Gray Hardwood Flooring

If you want to ride a trendy wave that definitely won't be running out anytime soon, opt for gray wood floors. Gray is a versatile color that is exploding in popularity in the design world. Plus, the color gray is a master at hiding dirt and dust, making it easy to keep these floors clean.

Gray is a fantastic base for your decor. It goes with virtually any other color. Thus, you can do a cool, contemporary look or you can go crazy with bright, bold colors in the rest of your decor. Your gray floors will be right there with you.

6. Griege

Are you worried about a gray floor looking too much like concrete? You may want to go for griege instead. This hot design color was basically invented for those who like the gray look, but don't want their home to look like a parking garage.

Griege is what you get when you mix gray and beige together, with a touch of brown. It is the perfect neutral color. Warm (but not too orange and overwhelming), and cool (but not too stark), at the same time.

This unique combination allows it to work well in any room of your home and to fit it with virtually any decor you choose.

7. Textured Wood

Choosing textured wood for your hardwood flooring is an excellent way to be both trendy and unique. Because of the methods used for texturing, no two planks will ever look exactly the same, giving every floor it's own unique look.

The three main types of textured wood are wire-brushed, handscraped, and distressed wood.

Wirebrushing leaves the wood with small, subtle scratches that leave the heart of the wood exposed. The scrapes are rather consistent, giving it a more uniform look than the other two types.

Handscraped wood has long scrapes in the wood. This gives it a hand-hewn appearance that is still sleek and polished. It's a great way to make your home look high-end and expensive.

Distressed wood is similar, but you'll see burns, knots, and wormholes in addition to the scrapes. The point is to give the wood an aged look. The final result is very chic and antique and is perfect for a home with a vintage feel.

Pick Your Poison

Which of these hardwood flooring trends stand out to you? Any of them is a great option for creating an on-trend, but unique look in your home.

Need some help picking out the perfect hardwood flooring to fit your style? Feel free to contact us today for the best interior design advice.

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