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Get the Most From Working With an Interior Designer With These 7 Tips

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Working with an interior designer is the best way to achieve successful home design in both function and form that's still in line with your unique personal taste. Here are seven tips for working with a professional designer:

  1. Don’t be limited by your budget - Don’t think that just because you have a limited budget that your interior design will be limited. Interior designers have loads of resources available no matter what the budget.
  2. Don’t be afraid of long distances - Don’t limit yourself to local interior design professionals. With today’s technology, such as video recording and messaging, it won’t be difficult at all to successfully communicate with a designer at a distance.
  3. Trust your designer - Even if you aren’t exactly sure you're expressing yourself and your personal style, an experienced interior designer will be able to pick up on what you like and what you don’t like.
  4. Believe in your designer - Just because a designer has particular strengths or personal tastes in certain areas of interior design doesn't mean that he or she isn't proficient or able to help identify and implement your design aesthetic.
  5. Think ahead - While you may be thinking about present needs, talented interior designers will help you think ahead. For example, if you're a young couple, you may want to design the home to keep potential future children in mind.
  6. Allow the unexpected - Interior designers will be able to introduce ideas that you may have never thought of — ideas you may even like!
  7. Have fun - Spending so much time with an interior designer can result in a strong relationship. Enjoy the ride, both in relation to your home and your personal relationship.

Working with an interior designer offers multiple benefits DIY design doesn't. For more information about your design needs, contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors.

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