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Embrace Color -- 5 Ideas for Using Blue in Your Home

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

As you work with an interior designer to decorate your home, one of the most important visual factors you’ll consider is color and how to use it in each room. One of the most popular, not to mention versatile colors used in the home nowadays is blue—in all shades. Here are five thoughtful ways of using blue in the home:

  • SofaA blue sofa (think ocean blue or darker) in an otherwise neutral room immediately attracts the eye. Accent colors of coral, yellow or gold add an extra pop.
  • Dress up shelving – Boring bookshelves can do the job of housing stuff just fine, but if you really want your photos, accents and books to stand out, add a blue background to the mix. Having the back wall of a white shelving unit painted a bold hue of blue can dress up a space and add a unique, contrasting flair.
  • Kitchen cabinets – If you have a kitchen space on the smaller side, or a cozy nook with cabinets, give it a luxurious feel with a glossy navy blue paint on cabinets complimented with brass hardware.
  • Kitchen island – For kitchens with a clean white slate or lots of natural light, consider painting the base of the kitchen island a deep, dark blue. Leave the upper cabinets white, along with light marble countertops, to create a beautiful balance.
  • Make a kid's room fun – Rather than painting your children's room a muted pastel, use an energizing warm blue chalkboard paint to liven up the space. The kid-friendly surface will handle all your kids' drawings while providing an interesting depth of color to their bedroom.

For a professional designer's take on using blue in the home, contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors.

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