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Embrace Accent Colors and Turn Your Home Into a Reflection of You and Your Family

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Neutral colors covering the walls is standard practice. Not only do whites and beiges go with everything, but these soft hues allow potential homebuyers to see themselves in spaces without an emotional response to bright colors. Accent colors, on the other hand, add personality, depth and feeling for those living in the home.  

Determining what accent colors work best in your home

  • Find items of inspiration. Take a look at your favorite painting, piece of furniture or family heirloom. Are there particular colors that reach out and grab you? Sometimes taking a thoughtful look at these favorites can point you in the right direction color-wise.
  • Keep in mind the basics of color theory. Warm hues — reds, oranges, yellows — draw the space in, making it feel smaller and more intimate. Cooler colors, like blues, greens and purples, do the opposite, helping small-sized rooms feel wider or longer.
  • Analyze your lighting situation. Color shades vary based on the lighting, so make sure you consider various colors in your home's natural and artificial light sources.

Accent colors make the most impact when they're thoughtfully chosen and take into account your home, furnishings and personal touches. Contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors for professional design services.

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