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Elegant Design Ideas for Smaller Home Spaces

Stephanie Kratz
June 15, 2018

Some of the most important keys to giving a smaller space an elegant design are organization, flexibility and simplicity. From creative storage solutions to multifunctional furnishings, interior design pros know how to maximize your space and achieve a stylish home you love walking into.

Here are a few simple and effective design ideas for smaller spaces:


Carefully sort through and decide what items to keep in your home and what to eliminate. Every home has a place for the things that have real personal significance, but we tend to collect and hold on to many things that don't. Aim to keep only things that mean something to you, that you love, or that are truly useful. Purposeful editing allows you to keep the things you love where they can be enjoyed every day without cluttering your space.

Creative storage

The more things that can be tucked away, the cleaner and more elegant a room becomes. Choose accent furnishings by thinking in terms of adding storage, such as nightstands or coffee tables that incorporate drawers or open shelving. If your home is lacking when it comes to kitchen drawers or linen cupboards, think outside the box. A tall chest of drawers adds unexpected storage and an additional surface for decorative items, a lamp or a tray for your keys.

Flexible and multifunctional design

Your furniture can and should work for your lifestyle, serving multiple purposes and giving you flexibility. A great table can serve as both a dining surface and a work space. Furniture that can easily be rearranged makes it easy to entertain and to adjust the space without losing its style.

For more interior design ideas for smaller spaces, contact the experienced design professionals at Stephanie Kratz Interiors.

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