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Durable Upholstery Options That Can Hold Up in Your Dallas Household

Stephanie Kratz
April 27, 2018

If you frequently host parties or have kids or pets, durable upholstery options are indispensable. You'll need to consider more than just the latest designs when choosing upholstery for your home. Here are a few sturdy fabric options.

Outdoor fabrics

A growing number of outdoor fabrics are used in the home. Patio fabrics are available in a variety of color patterns from neutrals and bold solids to vibrant stripes and polka dots. Despite the reputation of patio fabric being stiff and waxy, the new outdoor fabrics are so stylish you would never know that they aren't intended for indoor use.

‍Image by Tiffany Eastman Interiors, LLC via Houzz

Synthetic fabrics

In general, synthetic fabrics are more durable than their natural counterparts and can withstand the wear and tear of constant use by children and pets. Viscose and polyester blends are among the most popular fabric types. Be sure to avoid pure polyester, which is subject to stains.


If you're inclined to sustainable options and really would like a natural fabric, choose leather. A dark leather fabric is an equally versatile alternative to white fabric. Leather is classic and easy to clean. Wiping away stains is as simple as using a natural cloth and a bottle of natural surface cleaner. For an added cover-up, used distressed leather, which will hide tiny nicks, scrapes and imperfections that result from wear and tear.

As for fabrics to avoid, steer clear of anything with rayon or silk. Keep in mind that all fabrics are not equal, choose a manufacturer with high standards for quality and country of origin.

Are you seeking durable upholstery options for your home? Contact us at Stephanie Kratz Interiors to discuss upholstery options that are durable, stylish and perfectly suited to your interior design style.

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