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June 8, 2021

Plano is in Collin County and is considered one of the best places to live in Texas. The beautiful City of Plano offers residents a cozy suburban feel with the benefits of lots of restaurants, shops, parks, and proximity to bigger cities like Dallas, Texas.

Plano, TX - Culture Meets History

Plano’s culture and environment revolve around transcendent neighborhoods, great education, iconic and authentic Texas cuisine, and historic homes. Many families and young professionals reside in Plano and the city ranks among the safest in the state.

Remodeling, designing, and working in historic homes is an exciting challenge for interior designers. At Stephanie Kratz Interiors, we love designing in Plano homes since they have their own style and character. When working in these homes, particularity and mindfulness are essential to balance the old with the newcreating a harmonious space.


Embracing Unique Features

Interior design in Plano, TX is not just about creating a home that looks modern and new. It can also be about preserving the past and respecting the character of an older home. If you are lucky enough to have a house with a historic and traditional character or unique and quirky charms, Stephanie Kratz Interiors is the interior designer you need to bring your Plano home’s past, present, and future together.

Most historic homes have special architectural features that you do not normally get to see in newbuilds, adding to the ambiance and advantage of living in an older home. Showcasing the historic architecture through interior design in Plano homes is important, as long as you like those original features and it fits with your personal style.

Woodway Lane - Kitchen, Breakfast Nook, and Dining Room

Making It Your Own

This does not necessarily mean that your personal style and home must align for your home and décor to flow. Making space adhere to a client’s style while maintaining the elements that make a historic home special is a challenge, we, at Stephanie Kratz Interiors, take on and love doing. We believe that your home is your own personal oasis and that means incorporating the style you love the most!

When a client of ours resides in a historic home but has a passion and taste for a modern look, we like to focus on ways we can mix both. Respect and balance is key. Both elements are used throughout the project and house to ensure the perfect balance of showcasing the home’s historic or traditional design and the desired modern luxuries.

Je Ne Sais Quoi

However, enjoying the personality of your home does not mean leaving it untouched. Stephanie Kratz Interiors remodels and redesigns in a way that allows the original character and charm of your home to shine in a beautiful and elegant way. Stephanie Kratz believes that there is a little je ne sais quoi ("a little something extra") about living in a piece of antiquity.

Accentuate and align your historic home with your personal style by contacting Stephanie Kratz Interiors, your interior designer in Plano, TX.


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