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Design and Dream: 7 Ideas to Spice Up the Bedroom You Love

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Are you staring at the walls of your bedroom and thinking that you need to revamp the space? If so, then you've come to the right place. We're going to list for you the best ideas to spice up the bedroom without having to spend a tone of money.

Your bedroom could use a facelift every so often, and we're going to tell you how to get that done. Continue reading this guide for everything you need to know and begin remodeling your room.

1. Use Funky Patterns

One way that you can spice up your bedroom is by using some patterns on the wall. Select your favorite print and then choose the color that you want to use.

If committing to all-over patterns is too much, you can always choose one wall to put the print on and make it your accent wall. An accent wall draws the eye to it and can help a smaller room appear bigger than it actually is.

Using patterned wall stencils is also a great idea if you're looking to keep the other colors throughout the room neutral or if you're looking for a way to take painting to the next level.

Before you complete the entire wall stencil, try using the stencil on a small portion of the wall to ensure that you won't mind seeing the pattern all over the room.

2. Increase the Lighting

When you've got the right lighting in the room, it can change the entire atmosphere. Instead of using standard lights throughout the room, visit your local hardware store and peek at the lighting selection.

Then choose lights that fit the new theme of your room and purchase them. The right lighting can brighten a room and add to the overall aesthetic that you're going for.

Besides, having some lamps present on both sides of the bed will balance the lighting in the room.

3. Ditch the Headboard

Gone are the days of people purchasing beds and headboards. Instead, try using a colorful hanging called a tapestry as the backboard for your bed. Tapestries come in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes.

And you can use it as the inspiration for the rest of the décor that you choose to use throughout the room. Adding a pop of color can really improve the overall design and appearance of your bedroom.

4. Choose Your Theme

Before you can begin redesigning your bedroom, you need to select the theme that you want to follow. Are you someone that likes the polished look of the modern aesthetic? Or are you a fan of the industrial look?

Whatever aesthetic you choose will help you decide how you're going to decorate the rest of the room. And it's easier to redesign your room when you have a general idea of the direction that you want to move in.

Without having inspiration, it can make it challenging to choose the design elements that you want to use throughout the bedroom.

5. Canopies Are In

If you enjoy having a complete bed frame, you may want to consider having a canopy for your bed. A canopy can make your bed the focus of the room and add an element of romance to your new design setup.

You can find various canopies in different shades, sizes, and colors. If your bed is to be the focal point of the room, ensure that it makes a statement that will be hard to miss.

6. Decorate With Pillows

If the colors throughout the room are neutral, then you'll want to use your bed sheets and pillows as your pops of colors. When selecting the pillows that you want to use on your pillows and in your bedroom chairs, there are tons to select from.

You can mix and match your pillow colors and also select ones that are both large and small. Once you've selected the pillows that you want to use, have fun arranging them on the bed in the way that you want them to look.

And one of the other bonuses from using colored pillows is they don't have to match each other. Select one color from your new bedroom design and ensure that each pillow has that color and then go crazy, choosing your new pillows.

7. Think Texture

Another way to improve the design of your bedroom is to use different textures. Whether that means creating a textured wall or having curtains that are different textures.

There's something about different textures that can enhance the appearance of your bedroom for the better. Before you purchase different textures, you'll want to see how the textures hold up with the rest of your design elements.

It helps to take samples and hang them together to see how they all will look together.

Ideas To Spice Up The Bedroom the Right Way

When you're searching for ideas to spice up the bedroom, there are various ways to make your room more romantic or bring in pops of color that weren't there before. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, and for it to be peaceful, it must be designed the right way.

If you're looking for someone to create your oasis, contact Stephanie Kratz. She has the experience to turn an ordinary home into an incredible home at a reasonable [price.

Don't wait to get the bedroom that you've always dreamed of let her get to work for you and fall in love with your bedroom all over again.

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