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Decorating With Keepsakes Requires Some Discipline -- What to Display in Your Home

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Everyone is guilty of it—collecting mementos from trips, events and special occasions that mean so much in the moment and wanting to extend those good vibes by taking them home. Many of these items end up as afterthoughts, hidden away in boxes. Decorating with keepsakes is a thoughtful way of including your personality into your home's interior design. The trick comes when it's time to decide what gets displayed and what's best stored.

Keepsakes Worthy of Display:

Items that remind you of your strength

Your home is your safe place, so make sure the reminders of the past boost your self-esteem and keep you feeling good. Store the photos of former relationships and instead hang an empowering picture from the post-breakup trip with your best friend that reminded you of the awesome life you lead.

Mementos from positive experiences

Many homeowners thoughtlessly decorate with mementos from life-changing events (think weddings, birthdays and the like) without realizing that the experience doesn't promote solely happy memories, but rather neutral feelings. Go with keepsakes that reflect 100-percent positive vibes and you and your guests will love looking at it.

The one piece that best represents an important event

Rather than showcase a dozen photos from your beloved wedding day, select the best representation of that glorious experience and give it it's due. Decorating with keepsakes of this kind harbor serious emotional power and create a pleasant, uplifting home environment.

The most loved objects

That teddy bear that your now-grown son carted around with him everywhere, or the vintage glasses your grandfather routinely placed on the edge of his nose as he worked the crossword puzzle with you every Sunday morning. These keepsakes, however ordinary, make a house your home. Select only those items that truly evoke happy memories and find a place for them in your home's interior design.

Decorating with keepsakes gets significantly easier with the help of an interior design professional. Contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors for help with your Dallas area home.

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