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Creating a Luxury Bedroom: 5 Tips You Need to Hear

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Your bedroom is your sacred retreat. You deserve to feel in the lap of luxury as soon as you close the door and leave the outside world behind.

From stately headboards to plush, sumptuous fabrics, creating a luxury bedroom is all about attention to detail. Here are five simple design tips to help you transform your bedroom into the luxurious haven of your dreams.  

1. Statement Pieces

Grand pieces can instantly make a bedroom feel more sophisticated. There are many ways you can incorporate a big style statement into your luxury bedroom design.

Statement Headboards

Often, your bed will be the focal point of the room. You can take your bed's visual impact to the next level by opting for an especially striking headboard. One luxury headboard option is an upholstered headboard in a luxe fabric like velvet or sleek leather.

Or you could choose an elegantly carved, oversized headboard in a wood finish that complements the rest of your decor. Stately four-poster beds or canopies can also transform your bed into a work of art.

A Seating Area

If you have enough space in your bedroom, an additional seating area will make the room feel more dynamic. An elegantly upholstered chair or settee adds more visual interest as well as functional space. This would be a good place for an antique piece of furniture or other statement piece.  

Wall Decor

Use your walls to display eye-catching artwork. Luxurious paintings and other wall hangings will help the room feel much more pulled together. You can even opt for a statement wall in a bold design or interesting texture like wood or stone.

2. Avoid Clutter

Excess clutter will prevent any room from feeling luxurious and relaxing. Be sure to keep floors and surfaces clear to let the design of the room shine center stage.


Keep decor and personal items on nightstands to a minimum. Reserve this space for lighting and small decor elements. Nightstands with drawers are a good option for keeping personal items out of sight but still close at hand.


Elegant shelving is a good way to keep your belongings organized and out of direct view. Built-in shelving instantly makes a room seem more polished and sophisticated. You can also use shelves with unique and striking designs, such as geometric styles, stately gilded wood, or reflective surfaces.  

However, be sure not to overstuff your shelves. This will look messy and detract from the opulent feel of the room. Keep the items on your shelves balanced and incorporate decor elements wherever possible, such as vases of fresh flowers or small sculptures.

3. Plush Textures

Rich texture is key to designing a luxurious bedroom. Use a variety of sophisticated fabrics to make the space feel inviting and to give your bedroom design added depth.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are very effective for making your bed appear grand and luxurious. Use a variety of pillows and arrange them in a way that feels balanced. If you have a statement headboard, be sure that your throw pillows don't detract from it.

Using a variety of throw pillows with different designs and fabric will bring depth and richness to your bed. Look for pillows in glamorous fabrics like velvet, silk, or fur.

Quality Sheets and Blankets

Invest in quality materials for your bed. Not only will you enjoy an incredible night's sleep, but the high-end fabrics will be obvious from a distance. Opt for sheets in high-end linen or Egyptian cotton.

Down comforters are plush and provide plenty of warmth. Incorporate a soft throw blanket in fleece or faux fur at the foot of the bed for extra dimension.


Hang drapes in an elegant fabric like silk or linen for an opulent feel. Choose blackout linings to help control natural light and outside noise. You can layer thicker drapes with sheer ones to provide varying levels of light control and a luxurious textured look.

Hang drapes from well above the top of the window. Drapery that sweeps from the ceiling to the floor makes windows appear larger and gives the room a grand feel.

4. Lighting

Elegant lighting is an easy way to transform your bedroom into a luxury space. Look for lighting fixtures that provide the light you need and elevate the style of your bedroom.

Hanging Lights

Beautiful hanging light fixtures are a great way to add a dash of opulence to your bedroom. Crystal chandeliers, intricate wrought-iron pendant lights, and bold geometric designs are all sophisticated lighting choices.

Wall Sconces

Elegant wall sconces are a good lighting choice if you want to add symmetry to your bedroom. Place them on either side of your bed to frame the headboard.

5. Mirrors

Using mirrors in interior design is a classic trick for opening up a space. Mirrors make a room feel larger and can help to showcase other decor. They can also help to increase the light in your bedroom.

Large Mirrors

A large mirror on one wall or over a dresser can help to draw attention to an area of the room. Mirrors with a unique shape or an ornate frame can function as a piece of art.

Symmetrical Mirrors

Decorating with a pair of symmetrical mirrors can help bring balance to a bedroom. Placing a pair of mirrors on either side of the bed above the nightstands can bring the focus to a gorgeous bed and make the most of the light from bedside lamps.

Create Your Luxury Bedroom Today

Luxury bedroom decor is all about elegant design and dedication to your vision. Do you want to learn more about how to transform your bedroom into a sophisticated retreat? Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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