Color Psychology - Does it Make a Difference?

November 17, 2021

With the use of social media, people are becoming aware of the things that surround them and they want to make sure their world is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. One way to do this is through color psychology and ask yourself, "does it make a difference?" Let's explore various tips for using color in your home and see if the right color scheme can give you what you need!

Accent Colors

Color is an important aspect that can be incorporated into the home. Choosing the right color of paint for your wall can have a positive effect on your mood and how you feel in that space. Along with accent colors, there are many different textures and materials that can be used to create the perfect room. One way we use accent colors in our client's homes is by placing different shades in one room so there is a sense of harmony in the space.

Colors and Emotions

The colors used in a room can convey a specific meaning and emotion.

White - is a color that can neutralize anything that's inside or outside of it. It has the power to create a serene and peaceful environment. For people who are constantly feeling pressured because there's always something going on, white is an ideal color for them. All of my clients are high-influence, high-achiever individuals which is why white is the base upon which other colors are listed below are added to. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CEDAR SPRINGS PROJECT

Red - this is a powerful color that usually symbolizes love and anger. It has an energizing effect on people and provides the sense of urgency and impulsiveness.

Orange - this is a color that conveys vitality because it's energetic, warm, playful, vibrant, cheerful, friendly and spontaneous.

Yellow - this is a color that can have an uplifting effect because it creates serenity as well as harmony. It has the ability to attract attention as well as being bold-making it perfect for spaces where

Blue - is a color that has both cooling and calming effects on the human body. It can lower heart rates and blood pressure and in turn, reduce the level of stress in one's body. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE EL PASO PROJECT

Color schemes

Choosing the right color scheme for your home may not only change its appearance but will also have positive impact on your mood and how you feel in that space. Color schemes can be difficult to determine if you're not sure what mood you want the room to give off. That is why you bring my team and I in. We help you define the mood of the room and then build around it.

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