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An Extraordinary Christmas Requires Extraordinary Décor

June 8, 2021

No matter what is happening in the world or in our lives -when the holiday season is upon us, we love to decorate!  This year is definitely a unique time but our love of decorating for the season is certainly no different. And possibly, it has never been more important to make sure that our homes are adorned in holiday wrappings. You are the person who sees each area of your home more than any other, especially during the past several months of social distancing. And while comfort and sophistication are important, so are those elements of surprise and beauty that so often are part of holiday décor.


Invigorate Yourself -Invigorate Your Home

Treat yourself to a splash of holiday whimsy while resting in the familiar comforts of home. Social distancing might have limited your view throughout the past few months, but now is the time to change that! There is no reason to keep looking at the same décor and design elements throughout this season just because we are all social distancing. Every time you walk into a room or return from a quick trip to the store, you deserve to be surprised by invigorating festive details that are the hallmark of the holiday season.


Seek Whimsy -Seek Comfort

While your everyday décor is comfortable and familiar, adding in touches of playfulness can serve to change the entire mood set by a room. A distinctly cheerful print or a surprising color choice can lift your spirits. Choose a look which corresponds with the already relaxing feel incorporated into your living space and there is now an entirely new feel for the area. Simply walking into a room which has looked relatively the same for the past nine months and seeing refreshing change in décor can be just the thing to help keep spirits soaring during the holiday season.


Invite In The Familiar -Invite In The New

Most of us are still entirely social distancing, but that doesn’t mean that we have to keep entirely to ourselves! Thanks to the advances of social technology, many families and friends will still gather together during the holiday season through technology like Zoom and FaceTime. And what a wonderful way to share both the familiar sights of home and hearth while also sharing new elements. When your loved ones join in on a virtual gathering, they will be delighted to see both the same comforts associated with your home while also being enchanted with new touches of color, pattern, and texture which you’ve incorporated for the season.


Extraordinary Holidays -Extraordinary Décor

This extraordinary holiday season, it is so important to bring extraordinary décor and design elements into your life and your home. Addressing the holiday season has never been more essential to bring forth the feelings of Christmas through joy and sophistication and glamour. Stephanie Kratz Interiors would love to help you create the extraordinary luxury design in your home that will lift your spirits not just at the holidays but all year round.

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