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All You Need to Know About Rustic Interior Design

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

The rustic style is all the rage when it comes to interior design trends.

Whether you live in a modern condominium or a quiet farmhouse on a country hillside, you can incorporate rustic interior design into any space.

Before you embark on a new decor adventure, read on to discover some of the things you can do to create your own beautiful rustic space at home.

Place An Emphasis on Nature

To really create a space that exudes rustic interior design, you'll want to put a strong focus on nature and natural materials. Wood is the first thing you should consider when creating a rustic space.

Whether it's a herringbone wood plank feature wall or all-wood floors, this material is the hallmark of rustic design. You can add wood in a number of ways from decor items to lighting for a warm, inviting aesthetic.

Another popular material for rustic spaces is stone. Choose stone vases, stone tile, and earthy stone surrounds for your fireplace.

Burlap and canvas are wonderful fabrics to incorporate into a rustic space. Use this material to add softness while maintaining that raw, natural edge that rustic designs call for.

Of course, live plants and potted succulents will bring color to your rustic home. Choose houseplants that require little maintenance but will infuse a touch of greenery and life to your favorite rooms.

Think Neutral

Bold, vibrant colors are in line with modern styles. For rustic homes, you'll want to steer more toward neutral. These colors can range from light tan and brown tones to deep gray.

When it comes to rustic interior design, you want each element of the space to live in harmony with the other. Everything doesn't have to match but does have to play well with the other.

You can use shades of gray alongside rich brown to create a rustic ambiance. And while you're not stuck with just browns and grays, try to keep everything as neutral and warm as possible.

Bring a bright touch to a rustic space with a creamy white shag area rug. Ivory and cream colors are a fantastic choice to help you create a classic rustic color story.

Green is another beautiful color that plays well in rustic spaces. Stick to green shades like sage and earthy tones and stay away from vibrant, neon-based colors when possible.

Don't be afraid to mix things up when it comes to color. You can easily blend and mix tones of brown, gray, green, and even rusty reds to craft an iconic rustic color palette.

Art Choices for Rustic Interior Design

Artwork and wall hangings bring personality into any space, and the rustic look is no exception. Choose your artwork carefully and try to avoid hanging anything that's boldly colored or abstract.

Animal busts, taxidermy, and nature scenes are beautiful examples of true rustic style. Hang your artwork throughout the space or create a gorgeous gallery wall.

For framed art, try to keep the frames made of wood rather than metal. The warmth of the wood frame will accentuate the inviting feel of a rustic-inspired room.

Rugs are another gorgeous option you can hang on the wall. Woven or shag, these decorative floor coverings can easily double as artwork to add a touch of texture to your space.

Folk art, custom paintings, and even framed family photos make wonderful additions to a rustic room. Choose pieces that have an emphasis on nature or that exemplify simple, streamlined designs.

Cozy and Comfy Is the Key

With an emphasis on warmth, your rustic space should be cozy and inviting. Plush leather furniture and overstuffed couches help create a warm and welcoming space.

Choose soft fabrics for upholstery in neutral hues, and include accents like ottomans and large coffee tables to create a welcoming space. Nothing says cozy like throw blankets, so include several on furniture in soft materials and warm colors.

Area rugs will warm up cold, hard surface floors. Place rugs under the sofa and accent chairs to add a cozy feel to bedrooms and living rooms.

Soft throw pillows bring a fun touch to your rustic room, so feel free to toss several on your furniture. Candles create additional warmth that will make your rustic home even more inviting.

The goal is to make any rustic room in your home warm and welcoming so that it's a place people will want to hang out. A fireplace is a wonderful finishing touch that really drives the rustic design home.

Brainstorm and see how many different things you can come up with that will give your new space added warmth. From faux fur rugs to cushy sofas and candles, there's really no limit to how many things you can incorporate.

When you combine natural elements with soft colors, the room will transform into a rustic-inspired place. Bring in stone, wood, and live plants to create the rustic room of your dreams.

Elevate Your Home in Rustic Style

To enhance your home, consider these rustic interior design ideas that will transform any space and make it inviting. Whether it's wood floors or a stone fireplace, there's no shortage of gorgeous things you can do to make your place feel rustic-inspired.

Integrate elements like wood and canvas to create a focus on nature and the natural world. With a few simple changes, you can transform any room of your home.

To make your home interior beautiful, visit my website and contact us today to tell us more about your project and your interior design goals.

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