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A Modern Space: 9 Marble Bathroom Ideas That Will Look Amazing

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Worldwide, the marble market is worth more than USD50 billion. That may not come as a surprise, because although pricey, this gorgeous natural stone has been the go-to option for homeowners and designers for generations. The demand for marble keeps going up, and this is one design that won't go out of style anytime soon.

Are you considering incorporating marble into your bathroom design? If you are, you might be looking for some inspirational marble bathroom ideas to get you started.

Here are nine ways you can add marble into your bathroom design.

1. Shower Tiles

A sleek, glass-enclosed shower and a marble wall can really give your bathroom an upscale look and feel.

Are you interested in adding marble in the shower but want a design with more visual interest? Tile is a great way to mix up the look of your shower walls.

You can have marble cut in different sizes and create various patterns, such as the popular herringbone style. Herringbone tiles can break up the tile and scatter hints of color throughout the wall. It's a simple pattern that looks stunning on the wall or the floor.

If you're looking for something a little different, you could do a double herringbone, chevron, or basketweave pattern. Some of the more complex patterns require careful measuring, and it may not look right depending on the size and shape of your bathroom. Hiring an interior designer can provide you with a much-needed second opinion.

2. Marble Floor

When many people envision marble bathroom design, they think of marble floors. After all, marble flooring has been the sign of luxury and opulence for ages. It's one of the first options that come to mind when people think about luxury flooring.

Is marble a good option for flooring? There are definitely pros and cons to marble flooring, such as the fact it can get a little slippery, but when well cared for, there is nothing quite as gorgeous.

Incorporating a marble floor into your design could help elevate your current bathroom and transform the space into a zen-like retreat.

3. Accent Wall

Do you love the look of marble, but you don't want it to take up the entire bathroom? A marble accent wall could give the room a luxe look without overwhelming the eyes.

Accent walls are a little tricky to get right—you need the right placement, design, and colors—but when done well, they make a room more interesting.

An accent wall is a perfect place for marble tiles or marble with unique veining. Have you ever heard of Marmara marble, for example? This white marble has very distinctive grey lines, perfect for creating geometric designs in the bathroom.

4. Bathroom Countertops

If you can only use marble in one aspect of your design, you can't go wrong with a marble countertop. White marble countertops are one of the most common designs when creating bright and airy bathrooms, but you can choose any color.

Grey, black, and earthy tones also look very elegant. Consider the style of your home and the overall look you're going for when choosing the style and color of marble for your countertops.

5. Bath Surround

Much like the name implies, a bath surround is an area around the bathtub. Installing a bathtub surround has several benefits, and can give your bathroom a more high-end look.

Using marble in your tub surround is an easy way to incorporate this natural stone into your bathroom design. Not only does it look stunning, but you can feel like you're in your own spa the next time you unwind and take a bath.

If you have the budget for it, you can even get a marble bathtub. Just be prepared to shell out a couple thousand for this luxury item.

6. Trim Molding

When installing marble tile, you can go the extra mile and opt for marble trim, as well. This trim accents tile along the floor or wall and can give the bathroom an extra luxurious feel.

Although marble molding and trim may seem like a small touch that few will notice, it can give the room a more polished look. It can also add a bit of textural detail to an otherwise plain wall.

7. Backsplash

Marble backsplash in the bathroom is easier to keep clean than the backsplash in the kitchen, making maintenance simple. Consider adding a marble backsplash for a pop of color or visual interest.

The backsplash is a perfect place to try a new pattern, such as hexagon tiles. Of course, you can always go with the classic marble subway tile design.

8. Faux Marble

There's no getting around the fact that marble is expensive to install. Depending on the type, you could be looking at anywhere from $10-$20 per square foot or more depending on the scope of the job.

Faux marble is another option that costs far less to install and requires less maintenance. The downside is that it doesn't add much value to your home.

If you're looking for marble bathroom decor ideas, there are plenty of accent pieces that look lovely in modern homes. Certain marble (or faux marble) accent pieces you can find for bathrooms include soap and lotion dispensers, tissue boxes, toothbrush holders, trash cans, and more.

Brass accents look particularly luxurious with marble.

9. Marble Shower Seat

If you have a large, walk-in shower, a shower seat or bench could be the perfect addition. There are many different styles out there, from minimalistic to solid benches. Adding a shower bench can give your bathroom a modern look and feel.

Why not use marble or marble accents for the shower seat? Think of ways that the design can tie-in to the shower and the rest of the bathroom.

Did These Marble Bathroom Ideas Inspire You?

We hope that these nine marble bathroom ideas inspired you to get started on your dream bathroom. From countertops to backsplashes and more, there are many ways to incorporate this beautiful natural stone in your bathroom.

If you're ready to get started, Stephanie Kratz Interiors can help! Reach out to us today to start discussing your project.


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