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A Complete Guide to Office Decor Ideas

June 8, 2021

Contrary to what you may think about the square footage of your office- size does not matter, but the design does.

It's what you do with the space you have that matters the most. 

With a little creative planning, your office could represent a space that's personal, comfortable and productive. 

In short, it could be a far cry from the fluorescent lights and sad pot plants of the 80s with these brilliant office decor ideas.

Office Decor Ideas For an Inspirational Work Space

Studies have shown that the more balanced a workspace is, the more productive its employees are. But what defines this type of balance? Essentially, this involves the combination of home comforts with a well-designed, professional office space.  

In other words, the perfect office space in today's day and age is vibrant, but not distracting. It's comfortable, but not a place for sloths, and it's modern but not too technical.

Here's how to give your office the facelift it needs with a few simple changes and additions: 

1. Assess the Overall Vibe 

First thing's first, you'll need to evaluate your existing office atmosphere. Does the vibe of your office need a facelift, too? Changing up the design is a good place to start. 

Begin by dividing your office space into separate sections and decorating each accordingly. For example, you may want a more formal feel in a conference room, so opt for neutral colors and sleek furniture.

On the other hand, a brainstorming space for your creative team could be colorful, vibrant, and eclectic. Choose two bold colors and stick to a theme to keep it cohesive, and not chaotic.  

2. Put Your Mission Statement on Display 

The office may be a space where your employees feel comfortable and relaxed, but it's still a place of business. To remind them of this, make sure your business mission statement is fully visible - be loud and proud about it. 

Blow up your mission statement and make it a focal piece in your reception area or a common area. Seeing the mission statement on display every day is both motivating and grounding for everyone at your company. 

3. Use Your Brand Colors as a Theme 

If you're a little stumped on the best type of color scheme for your office, why not go with your own brand colors? This ensures your office space really upholds a consistent style, reflective of your core values.

Incorporating your brand colors can also have a powerful psychological impact on your employees, helping them to feel even more motivated.

4. Break Up Your Office Space with Rugs

If you're keen to open up the space of your office and encourage a better flow, then removing office dividers or cubicles is a good idea. Instead, you can break up certain areas of your office with a mixture of rugs. 

Mix up the style, color and texture of the rugs for a more eclectic, creative feel. 

5. Create Space with Hanging Art 

If your office space is on the smaller side, then, believe it or not, you can actually create space by hanging wall art. But the key is to keep these art pieces simple. Opt for black and white pieces or monotone colors. 

If you're looking to add color and vibrancy to your office space, think about framing and hanging large motivational quotes, too. 

6. Open Up Your Office Space with Mirrors

The same concept applies to smaller office space by using mirrors to create the illusion of space and flow. Mirrors have a fantastic way of completely changing the look and feel of any space- whether large or small. 

Go for tall mirrors if you want to create vertical space or horizontal mirrors for width. The added bonus? Your employees don't need to disappear to the restroom just before an important boardroom meeting!  

7. Add an Eyecatching Centerpiece 

If you're looking to create a space that's ideal for brainstorming, meetings, or conferences, without the stuffiness of a boardroom, choose something a bit more creative. 

Go for a funky accent table that doubles as both an attractive centerpiece in your office, as well as a conversation starter when welcoming new clients. 

8. Divide and Conquer 

If your office is fully open-plan, you may want to section off certain areas or teams (and add a little privacy).

If using rugs to divide up your office space doesn't cut it, go for modern, dividers made from mottled glass or hardened plastic. And keep them about a foot above desk height. This way they don't completely cut-off employees and still encourage communication and collaboration.

9. Create a Vibrant Feature Wall 

One of the most effective and budget-friendly ways of uplifting an office space is painting a feature wall a new color. Go for something that is vibrant, but doesn't overwhelm the senses.

Keep the rest of your office walls light and neutral. Alternatively, you could also choose an accent wall and dress it up with framed pictures, motivational quotes, or custom-made neon lighting! 

10. Find the Natural Light and Use It 

Finally, it's so important to consider the lighting of your office. Fluorescent lights are harsh and can make for a sterile office environment. 

If you're lucky enough to have natural light filtering into your office, then make the most of this. Keep all window areas free and unobstructed to fill your workspace with natural light. And the added bonus is that your employees will get their fill of vitamin-D exposure for the day! 

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