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9 Steps to Create a Luxury Living Space

June 8, 2021

Everyone grew up with fairy tales about princes, princesses, and their luxurious castles. And when you get your own home, let's be honest: it falls really short of the "happily ever after" you imagined.

However, you can live like fairy tale royalty by making a few changes around the house. Before you know it, you'll have your own luxury living space!

Don't worry: we'll play "Fairy Godmother" and make the magic happen with this comprehensive guide!

1. From the Ground Up

Before we can dive into luxury home decor, we have to start from the ground up. Specifically, this step is about removing all clutter around the house!

The easy part is cleaning dirt and removing things that are out of place. The hard part, though, is ruthlessly bringing your living space to the bare essentials.

Letting go of the mementos that clutter your living area is psychologically liberating. And more importantly, it gives you more of a blank canvas for a truly luxurious home makeover.

Don't worry: we'll be making some luxury living room additions in no time!

2. Large Rugs

There is a running gag in The Big Lebowski about an important rug that brings the entire room together. While we don't recommend taking all your decorating advice from the Coen Brothers, you really do need to get a good area rug.

Such a rug can make a room look more elegant and ordered, and it's an easy way to add a splash of color and style. You can also use these rugs to strategically draw visitors' eyes to certain parts of the room.

If all this wasn't enough, an area rug can also make a space feel much bigger, which is a luxury in itself!

3. Quality Doors

Many homeowners think of doors as basic features...a simple feature instead of a luxury. However, you can change all that by getting some luxurious inner doors.

Investing in doors with features like a beveled glass inset can simultaneously make a room feel more glamorous and more spacious. And adding such doors to close off adjacent offices can give those areas a sense of privacy and intimacy.

There are many door options for a luxury home interior, including bi-fold doors that instantly draw attention to the space. This kind of elegance can make your home feel brand new!

4. Undercover Electronics

Electronics present something of a problem for a luxury living room makeover. We can't live without them, but at the same time, they can seem like a gaudy disruption to the elegant chic look you're going for.

The solution? Try to get creative and cover electronics up! You can explore options like wireless charging pads for phones, which obscures ugly nests of wires. Getting multi-device charging docks can have the same effect.

You can go the extra step by adding a TV lifting cabinet to the room. This will lift the TV up when you want to watch something and then allows you to cleverly hide it the rest of the time!

5. Statement Lighting

Food Network buffs know that it's all about "plating and presentation." In your home, the luxury living room is the plating, but lighting is the presentation!

Experiment with statement lighting through things like chandeliers or even tasteful floor lamps. Different kinds of light (and levels of light) can add elegant texture to a room, making it seem romantic and mysterious.

6. Custom Furniture

Most of us buy premade furniture. This presents two obstacles: getting the furniture in the house and then finding a place for it in the house.

In this way, though, we're doing things backward: why make the living space fit the furniture when you could get furniture to fit the living space?

Check with local craftsmen and artisans in your area to explore ideas for bespoke furniture. It will definitely be pricier, but it allows you to create things like custom storage solutions that are perfect for your living space.

Plus, you're guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind item, which is a powerful way to channel the room's inner luxury.

7. A Sculpted Look

Close your eyes and imagine what luxury has looked like through the years. Chances are that you imagined some sculptures, right?

Sculptures command the eye and amaze the mind because they are more than decoration: they're art! And we highly recommend adding this kind of art to create a luxury home interior.

You don't have to add too many sculptures (we're still trying to avoid the appearance of a cluttered room). However, one or two can make for perfectly provocative conversation pieces...perfect for entertaining guests in style and luxury!

8. Window Treatments

Curtains are one of the first things that anyone sees when they look at your walls. Unfortunately, many of us focus on getting basic curtains instead of something fancier.

Therefore, a luxury living room renovation wouldn't be complete without getting luxury window treatments! And the "trick" to this is quite simple: buy elevated curtains that are wider than your window to create a look of pampered and posh luxury.

Don't forget to take your time picking out the right color and material. As with the lighting, this goes a long way towards giving the room the texture and feel of true luxury.

9. Flower Power

Some of our luxury interior design ideas have been more complex than others. Don't worry, though: we saved the simplest idea for last. And it's all about flower power!

Whether real or fake, flowers add a look of natural elegance to the room. They are a "finishing touch" to your other design improvements, and they can breathe life into your living space.

Ultimately, the truest luxury feels like a return to nature. And it doesn't get much more natural than flowers!

Luxury Living Space: The Bottom Line

Now you know some quick tips for creating a luxury living space. But what if you need more help creating the home of your dreams?

Stephanie Kratz Interiors is devoted to bringing your dream home concepts to life. She is a proven talent who knows what true luxury looks like, and she's ready to bring that right to your home!

To see how she can help luxuriously transform your home, come fill out this free questionnaire today!

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