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8 Office Color Schemes to Boost Your Productivity

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Are you looking for great renovation ideas for your office? If so you're in the right place.

We have come up with a list of the top eight office color schemes to help you choose the right colors for your office. From promoting a calming environment to promoting creativity, you're bound to find a color scheme that fits your workplace perfectly. Keep reading to see what our top eight schemes are. 

1. Go For A Positive And Happy Scheme With Yellow

If you're looking to heighten the energy in the workplace then you should try placing high-energy colors in the office. A great color that will promote happiness is any hue of yellow.

If you're not keen on the idea of painting a whole room a bright yellow, try using it as an accent color to highlight spaces in the room. This color will promote positivity and even an uplifting effect on employees and your visitors. 

What great about these bold, primary colors is that there are many hues to choose from. You can select a light hue that's easy on the eyes for wall color or a vibrant hue that will make a statement and highlight structures in the office. 

2. Bring Warmth to the Office Through Orange

If you're in an area where it's always rainy and dull you should try to bring some warmth and light to the office to inspire happiness within your workers. A great color for this is orange.

There are many hues of orange, making it easy to find one that will fit in with your office and be however loud or toned down as you want. Orange will bring a sense of warmth to the office and will inspire happiness. Orange is another high-energy color that will have similar effects to yellow. 

3. A Tranquil Color Scheme With Blue And Green

You can easily create a tranquil office by using hues of blue and green. Shades of blue can invoke a tranquil mood and also set the tone for clarity and focus. Blue is also a great color for brands that are looking to achieve a persona of stability and strength while not coming across as too powerful or dominant.  

Green can inspire feelings of balance and harmony while providing a soothing space. Green is a great color for helping to inspire creativity and even productivity in the office. Ideally, green should be put in spaces where presentation and communication happen most.

Using both colors together will provide you with a calm space that will inspire creativity. These colors are great for offices that need creative minds to produce work.

4. Have A Bold Color Scheme With Red

If you're looking for a high-energy color that will promote passion and excitement then you should consider painting the office red. Red is known to be another color that will up productivity and is perfect for a work environment that's fast-paced.

If your workplace is also lively then this is the perfect color to paint accents around the office. Red can be a pop of color in a dull setting and even highlight some of the office's best attributes. 

5. Monochrome For Minimalists

If you're someone that doesn't like loud and bold workspaces then you should try making your office a monochrome scheme. This color scheme is minimalistic and is easily done with a white space.

A white monochrome office will provide you with a light and airy feeling. Using this scheme will never make the space feel cramped even after you've worked hours on end. 

6. Neutral Wood Looks Luxurious

If you're looking for something that's still minimal but provides a pop of color then you should consider using neutral woods. This scheme will provide you with a rich brown color that's calming and will give a luxury feel to the office.

The best part about wood is that there are many tones you can choose from. Mixing them in the office will create a visually pleasing scheme that makes the space feel comforting. 

7. Try Combining Off-White And Gray

Off-white and gray are known for being used in offices. Usually, people think of stressful or uncomfortable workspaces when either color is named.

To combat this you should try using a scheme of both off-white and gray. Off-white is easy to decorate around, so if you're an office that has a decent amount of decorations this is a great option for you because it's clean yet warm.

Gray will tone down the white but provide a neutral mood in the office. So if you work in a high-stress environment gray can be used to provide a sense of calmness. By using both of these colors you can create a neutral space that provides a sense of calmness while providing a pop of brightness with the white. 

8. Try Planning Your Scheme Around Decorations

If you have loud decorations in the office such as throw pillows on the office sofa or accent pieces of gold on the fixtures, try planning a color scheme around these items. The color can be pulled from the throw pillow to really bring the space together.

If there are gold furnishings then you can choose a color that will let them shine. If you can't decide your interior designer will tell you their professional opinion. 

Now You Know Some Great Office Color Schemes

We have provided you with the top eight office color schemes. From schemes that promote productivity to colors that will calm your employees, you're bound to find the perfect color scheme that fits your office. For more interior design inspiration make sure to read the rest of our website.

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