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8 Most Stunning Luxury Home Design Trends for 2020

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Over half of all Americans will spend a lot of money on improving their home interiors this year.

When it comes to luxury home design, there are many options to make your house look beautiful. Sometimes, all you need is a little help from an interior designer!

In this article, we'll look at a few of the latest home design trends for 2020. By implemented these styles, you'll be sure that your home is looking fresh and modern.

1. Minimalist and Neutral is Still On-Trend

If you love the Kardashians, you'll definitely have seen the beauty of Kim and Kanye's home. Whether you love them or hate them, you can't deny its luxurious feel.

Their neutral color scheme is one that shouldn't work with four kids running around. But, it looks stunning. This theme is still very much on-trend for 2020. 

Last year, we saw a huge rise in minimalism and sustainability. This trend will only continue this year. 

2. Black is the New Black

We've seen hundreds of other colors become the "new black" over the last few years. But, for 2020, this classic shade is finally back in fashion. 

Can you pull off a black kitchen in your home? The darker the better. But, if you don't have large windows to bring in natural light, this look might not be right for you. 

Hire an interior designer to learn how to balance the use of dark shades in your home. But, stick to one color to tie in the minimalist look with the black trend.

To truly stay on-trend, mix different black materials and fabrics to make this look work for you and your family. 

3. Bare Brick Walls are Chic and Stylish

This look was trendy last year and it's not going anywhere in 2020. Keep your home design simple and classy by exposing natural materials such as brick and wood. 

One statement brick wall will make your home feel like a high-end hotel. Add in some pops of unexpected color in large frames to glamorize the wall. Or, choose large black expanses to blend multiple trends. 

If you live in a property that doesn't have beautiful brick walls, choose wallpaper instead. Going down the DIY route may not produce the high-class results you were hoping for. Hire a professional if you're not adept at putting up wallpaper.

4. Blend Indoor and Outdoor

Indoor/outdoor spaces are absolutely beautiful. Perhaps you have a pool which will be half inside and half out. 

When the interior continues into the exterior, you have a living space which is greatly increased. Of course, this isn't for everyone, especially those who live in colder climates. 

But, by incorporating larger windows into your home build, you can have this 2020 trend in your own home too. 

5. Don't Forget an Indoor Gym

More and more Americans are exercising with 54% of us meeting the government's recommendation for physical activity.

As a result, one of the biggest trends we're seeing in 2020 is people bringing the gym into their own homes. 

A home gym oozes luxury and is a brilliant choice for anyone who has a busy schedule but needs to stay in shape. How can you possibly say no to a quick workout then?

Your gym should include state of the art equipment, large mirrors, and a lot of black or exposed brick.

6. Oversized Wine Cellars are the Height of Luxury

If you love wine, you need a large wine cellar. For this year, we'll see wine cellars becoming larger than ever.

Perhaps you'll section out an entire room in your home. Make sure it's close to the kitchen and the walls are made of glass for extra impact!

Alternatively, you may choose to have your wine cellar underneath the kitchen. Again, use glass to show that you're walking above a haven of alcohol. A spiral staircase is also a beautiful touch. 

7. Don't Forget a Large Statement Kitchen

Regardless of whether you spend hours in the kitchen or don't even know where the pans are, you need a beautiful, statement space. 

Nothing says luxury better than a gourmet kitchen. This space can be any color you like but aim to keep it minimalist and simple.

Choose whites or blacks and lots of beautiful marble for a luxurious 2020 look. Nothing should be on display, which means you'll need walk-in pantries and smart appliances hidden away. 

Furthermore, the more counter-top your kitchen offers, the better! You want a large space to relax in and spend time sipping wine with friends. 

8. Don't Forget to Include Your Personality

No one wants to spend time in a home that is on-trend but completely devoid of any personality. 

Make sure your luxury abode still lets your personality shine through.

Perhaps this is in your favorite rugs which you imported from Morocco? Maybe you can include artwork that was created by your children. Whatever it is, make sure you truly curate your space and only choose beautiful objects that show off who you are.

Furthermore, make sure your home works with your daily routines. Do not design a space that is inconvenient to use. 2020 trends are all about enhancing our lives!

Luxury Home Design Requires Planning

It's very easy to think that you know what you want from your luxury home design. But, consulting a professional will help you bring your vision to life. 

Don't simply start making purchases without first coming up with a detailed plan of how your home should look. 

Are you working on creating a beautiful, luxury home design? Then, get in touch. We can help you create the home of your dreams. 

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