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8 Interior Decorating Tips That'll Revolutionize Your Home

June 8, 2021

The design of your home does more than impress and inspire guests. Architecture and decor can actually affect the way we feel. It has the power to enhance your lifestyle and wellbeing.

Function and style come together to create a design that flows from space to space. From the furniture layout to finishing touches, small techniques can make a big impact on a home's design.

Follow these interior decorating tips to transform your home.

1. Use Color to Complement Room Size

Your home's color palette should complement room size, layout, and design features. Struggling with small spaces? Consider painting them in a white or creamy neutral shade.

Smaller rooms get enhanced in lighter shades. This creates the illusion of extra space and can make the room appear less cramped.

While light walls create this effect, you can add color through other design elements. Add bold pops of color with throw pillows, rugs, or patterned window treatments. Color blocking is another one of the interior design ideas to enhance an all-white space.

You can also break up excess white wall space with artwork or a gallery wall. Use these other tips to make the spaces in your home feel more spacious.

2. Think Outside the Catalog

Interior decoration should be a reflection of your own personal style. With spaces in the home looking and feeling lived in. The idea is to avoid a cookie cutter design that screams, "we copied this whole room from a catalog."

There are no rules that say your style must be all one genre. Mix and match furniture, fixtures, and decor from different periods and cultures. This is how the trending "modern farmhouse" style was born.

Consider mismatched chairs for your dining room. Or a colorful accent chair that makes a bold statement in a neutral room. Follow the trend of painting kitchen cabinets in bold or moody colors.

Find pieces that inspire you and add them to your collection. Make use of antiques and family heirlooms, combining the old and new to complete your look. This can be an old trunk to store blankets or serve as a coffee table.

Don't get put off by an old or dated piece. You can refinish or paint any furniture to let your own unique style shine through. This adds character and makes the room more decorative.

3. Look for Ways to Limit Clutter

Organization techniques make all the difference in a comfortable, functional, and clean home.

Storage solutions should be smart and blend in with the room's design. Open shelving enhances a kitchen's style while putting crockery and utensils on display. Consider a hanging pot rack or a separate pantry to further boost organization.

Use a wooden tray on a coffee table to hold magazines, candles, and small plants. Built-in bookcases can flank a fireplace for a warm atmosphere. Use them to hold books, picture frames, and other knick-knacks.

Place wicker and woven baskets in corners of the room. A chic bar cart can liven up a living or dining space.

4. Go Bold to Be Anything but Boring

Home design works best by thinking of the room as a blank canvas. Then layering in different elements to achieve the desired look.

Add in different textures, patterns, and colors for a look that is anything but boring. Then mix it up with varying materials, fabrics, and finishes.

Don't be afraid to go bold as you throw in different design elements to enhance the space. Add contrast with curtains, rugs, throw pillows, and blankets.

Think beyond paint, incorporating wallpaper or mosaic tiles in unexpected places. Add some flair around a fireplace mantel or use a different design element for the inside of a bookcase. You can also incorporate a different color for your ceiling or create an accent wall.

5. Make a Statement with Mirrors

Mirrors are much more than a decorative element. They can get used as a stylish technique to make any room seem larger.

Use them to take up space on bare walls while also adding dimension. Or place above a fireplace to create a focal point. Mirrors will help let the natural light from windows reflect into your home.

Select a mirror frame that helps define the style of the room. An antique frame provides an elegant and refined statement. Or you can choose a gold-rimmed design for a more modern look.

6. Go Green with Natural Elements

Using natural and green elements will help remove toxins from your home. Houseplants brighten up a room, add color, and purify the air.

Enhance your home's atmosphere with the ever-popular Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. Or try scattering a few succulents here and there. Fresh florals are another way to add vibrant color and natural beauty to your home.

Select natural materials, such as woven baskets for decor and organization. Exposed wooden beams can get used as a sustainable option for ceilings and shelving. Marble, quartz, and granite are safe and non-toxic countertop materials.

7. Let the Light In

The right lighting helps set the mood of your home. Large windows should let in ample natural sunlight. Yet, you'll want to be able to control light and privacy with window treatments.

Looking for some interior decorating tips for hanging your curtains? The higher, the better. Hanging your curtains up higher on the wall will make your ceiling look taller.

Layer blinds and light filtering curtains for a natural and airy vibe. The use of different window treatments in different rooms adds texture.

You can also use light pendants and fixtures to make a statement. Choose bold statement designs for entryways, dining rooms, and above the kitchen island.

8. Arrange Furniture Around a Focal Point

One of the most important tips for home interior design is proper furniture layout. Traffic should be able to flow about the space. This includes indoor and outdoor living areas.

All furniture should center around a focal point. This can be a fireplace, large picture window, or piece of statement artwork.

All seating should provide a clear view of the focal point. It should also get arranged to inspire conversation.

With hardwood flooring, you'll want to use a rug to anchor the space. This is a great way to add color and dimension to your living spaces. The rug should also be large enough for all your furniture to sit upon.

Interior Decorating Tips to Enhance Comfort, Style, and Function in Your Home

Small steps can make big changes within the home, adding elegance and modern edge. Follow these interior decorating tips to create luxury living spaces that inspire and impress.

Contact us for more about how interior design can transform the level of comfort, style, and function in your home.

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