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7 Tips for Redesigning Bedrooms for New Homeowners

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

We spend a large portion of our lives in our bedrooms. If we sleep eight hours a day, we spend a third of the day in our beds.

And sometimes we spend even more time in bed when we're watching our favorite shows before we turn in. Or reading a book with our legs stretched after a long day.

However, when it comes to redesigning bedrooms, the bedroom is usually the last place to get attention. First, comes the kitchen. Then the living room. Then the bathroom.

Then our outdoor space such as a front porch, deck, or patio. Lastly, we redesign our bedrooms.

But when we finally get there, there's a lot we can do. If you're a new homeowner and looking for beautiful ideas for styling bedrooms, you've come to the right place. Here are seven tips for redesigning bedrooms for new homeowners.

1. Less Is More

You've heard of the adage, "less is more." There's a reason it's been popular for all these years. It makes sense. By removing clutter in our bedrooms, we can totally change the look of our sleeping space.

After removing some of the furniture and accessories you moved from your last home, consider laying out your space in a new way. Place your bed on a different wall and change up how you arrange any side chairs. You can even move an electric fireplace to a new location.

When you're done with the master, the kid's rooms, or the guest room, your new bedrooms will feel refreshed. It will open up your space.

You'll feel more relaxed and energetic at the same time. When you're done arranging your layout, consider adding some greenery to bring nature indoors. You'll love breathing in the fresh oxygen the plants emit.

2. Let There Be Light

Lighting is an essential element to your bedrooms. If you like the lamps you own, consider switching out the lampshades for a new look. New lampshades can add an elegant touch to your bedroom. Especially when you're repainting the walls.

Or try new bedroom lighting options. Different types of lighting can be used for different purposes. There's task lighting for your desk.  There is ambient lighting that's perfect for relaxing.

Overhead lighting gives you brighter light throughout the room. For added sophistication, place matching sconces above your nightstands.

3. Wallpaper Makes an Elegant Statement

Give your bedroom a new look with wallpaper. If you don't want something permanent, you can opt for removable wallpaper. Manufacturers make removable wallpaper in a wide variety of styles.

And many suit your personality. Choose an athletic theme for the sports lovers in your home. A music theme for your teenager's room. Or a paisley theme that appeals to you and your spouse, or a striped or floral theme for the guest room.

Always consider your spouse or partner when choosing wallpaper. Try not to get too gender-specific. Stay away from anything too masculine or too feminine to make you both happy. You can wallpaper entire bedrooms or create an accent wall for extra sophisticated elegance.

4. Pick Up Some Beautiful Bedding

Your bed is the first thing you see when you look inside your bedroom. There's a joke: make your bed first and the rest of the room will look organized.

Your bed takes up the majority of the space in the bedroom so you want it to make a statement. Create a whole new look with gorgeous linens. A luxurious printed duvet in rich cotton or a sleek satin comforter can make your bedroom look dreamy.

Select a color you love. If you love new trends, flip open a magazine or read a home decor or design blog and see what's in style. You may want to go with a neutral white and add colorful accents with your pillows and throws.

Combine different pillow combinations and textures. Try a Euro sham against the headboard, traditional pillows in front, and a few elegant shimmery bed pillows. Layer your bed with a quilt and some soft throws. Add custom draperies to complete the look.

5. Liven Up the Room with Painted Walls and Trim 

New paint on the walls and trim can make your bedroom look brand new. It's a great way to refresh your entire space from floor to ceiling. Choose a tranquil color that makes you want to relax. Or an accent wall black wall behind you for extra drama. 

Consider refinishing a painted piece of furniture to coordinate with your color palette. Don't forget to sand furniture first and make sure it's free from dust and clean before you apply paint.

Go for something contemporary or rustic like a distressed farmhouse style. Add a modern touch with new hardware.

If you need two coats, make sure the first coat is dry before you apply the second. Read the label on the paint can to learn the standard drying time. But always feel the surface first because the humidity in the room can affect drying time.

6. You'll Be Floored With New Area Rugs

Similar to adding new bedding and pillows, a new rug can liven up your bedroom. Area rugs make a great way to add creativity to your space in addition to having something soft for your feet to walk on.

Looking for something modern? Consider a large shag. Want to create a boho-chic vibe? Then get several area rugs with different sizes and patterns. The right rugs can make your bedroom look stunning and tie in the other elements in the room.

7. Need Assistance? Call In An Expert

When you need help redesigning the bedrooms, consider reaching out to an expert. An interior designer can help you coordinate the rooms in your home so they look like they came right out of a photoshoot.

Some designers charge by the hour. Others charge by the project. When you have the budget to hire a professional, you can have an interior designer redesign your entire new home. Call interior designers to learn your options.

Design Rewind: 7 Tips for Redesigning Bedrooms

Follow these tips when redesigning bedrooms in your new home. With a few added touches or a total transformation, you can turn your bedrooms into an elegant sanctuary.

Need an interior designer consult? Contact us today. You'll adore your space when you see the reveal in your new home.

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