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7 Points to Consider for That Master Bedroom Addition of Your Dreams

Stephanie Kratz
May 22, 2018

You have done all you can do to improve the look and feel of your bedroom through the use of mirrors, lighting and accent furnishings but are still unhappy with the overall result. Perhaps it is time to plan the master bedroom addition you have been dreaming of.

Before calling a contractor, there are a few important things to consider about your master bedroom addition. Here are the 7 Points to Consider for That Master Bedroom Addition of Your Dreams:


Think about the location of the addition as it refers to your home and your the rest of your property. For instance, will it be on the first or second floor and how close will it be to the street or neighbours.

Number and placement of windows 

More windows mean a brighter space but this may not be what you want for a room intended for sleeping.

Sitting area or office nook

if you intend for the addition to have multiple uses, make sure you leave enough room so your new master bedroom addition does not end up feeling as cramped as your original bedroom.


 if you want to include a fireplace, keep in mind that having one will affect the placement of both the addition and all the furniture it contains.

Type of ceiling 

you will see the ceiling of your bedroom more than any other room in your home. Choose the right architecture and color.


do you intend to put a large screen TV in your room or just classic works or art to please your eye? Decide and design accordingly.

A theme 

deciding this ahead of the planning will allow you to design the room to accentuate your theme.

If you live in McKinney, Frisco or anywhere else in the Dallas area and want more information about creating your ideal master bedroom addition, contact us at Stephanie Krantz Interiors.

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