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7 of the Best Window Treatments to Freshen Up Your Home

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Good style is an investment. When you find just the right sofa or credenza, it's a great idea to also find the best window treatments to protect them from the sun.

Window treatments aren't just the force field keeping your furniture from fading. Check out these 7 window treatments that are guaranteed to freshen up your interior decor.   

1. Rattan Blinds

Rattan blinds can bring a boho-chic feel to a bathroom or guest bedroom. These natural wood colored blinds usually roll up or down and are best known for being light filtering.

This inexpensive window treatment option can bring an elegant touch when paired with heavy drapes in neutral tones. The contrasting textures bring visual interest to the window without distracting from the room's overall theme.

Rattan blinds are a great complement to transitional, traditional and mid-century modern home styles.  

2. White Fabric Blinds

The softness of fabric blinds is perfect for allowing natural light into a room without sacrificing privacy. Fabric blinds look great in white, especially in kitchens and bedrooms.

Pair white fabric blinds with pastel-colored walls to bring the look of summer to your space. Choose fabric blinds if you're looking for a timeless window treatment that won't need to change with each furniture update in your home.

Fabric blinds match just about any interior design style bringing a warm feeling to any room. 

3. Ombre Curtains

The best window treatments are those that offer that special touch a room needs to come to life. Ombre curtains offer the perfect splash of color to a room.

Ombre is the color technique of fading from light to dark or dark to light. These curtains typically start with a light color, often white, at the top and fade into another color towards the bottom.

With an artistic splash of ombre color, the walls won't need to be filled with art because the curtains themselves bring the same personality. Custom drapery is the best solution for finding just the right ombre pattern to enhance your room. 

4. Burst of Lime

Lime colored blackout curtains can make a traditional dining room come to life. The floor to ceiling curtain option looks great with matching paint color to soothe your eyes.

Think sage, not neon when choosing your shade of lime green. The room shouldn't feel busy, but energizing when you enter.

Bold colors stimulate conversation when entertaining while providing a dynamic backdrop to vintage decor throughout the room. The blackout curtains are the perfect solution to protecting that antique china cabinet you've had your eye on.

Blush pink and white make great complementary colors to this window treatment option. Be sure to include a centerpiece featuring these colors to help soften the room giving it an added feeling of comfort. 

5. Plantation Shutters

You don't have to own a cottage to bring the aesthetic into your home. Plantation shutters are a more permanent window treatment option than curtains or blinds.

For this reason, they are one of the only types of window treatments that can be financed into the cost of your home. Plantation shutters are the solution to a room's need for texture.

The repeating lines of the shutters make the windows a part of the room's architecture. Most plantation shutters are found in white which can brighten even the gloomiest living room. 

Plantation shutters look great in any room in the house from the kitchen to the bathroom. These shutters offer added insulation to your windows along with filtering light.  

6. Aubergine Silk Curtains

Upgrade your dining room or living room with the decadence of aubergine silk. Aubergine silk curtains aren't just luxurious, they hang the best of most custom draperies. 

These curtains are best when paired with hints of metallic gold. Consider adding a new wallpaper in rich warm tones to complement your silk curtains. 

Aubergine silk curtains are the best window treatments to make a statement when entertaining in your formal dining room. Expect to add additional lighting to the room with these rich colored curtains.

Mirrors and added table lamps can work together to bounce light around the room to brighten the space during the day. When in the room at night, the room will darken leaving only the soft glow from the lamps giving it a cozy feel. 

7. Vintage Lace

Not everyone is ready to commit to covering up large windows. Sometimes the benefits of natural light far outweigh its potential setbacks.

One stylish light filtering option is vintage lace. This is one of the best window treatment options for traditional furniture styles. 

Vintage lace curtains can hang like roman shades above the halfway point on your windows. You'll want to customize this drapery to make sure the lace is a great fit.

If you can't see the pattern properly because the width is off, you miss the ornate elegance the lace brings to the room. Vintage lace curtains are commonly cream-colored but can be dyed if you prefer a pop of color.

Medallion macrame can be stunning in a guest bedroom or dining room in custom colors. In a transitional dining room, opt for a valance instead of a full panel to avoid distracting from the room's overall style.

Finding the Best Window Treatments 

The best window treatments for your home provide just the right style refresh. As the seasons change, making a quick update to the windows is one of the simplest ways to add new decor elements.

Window treatments can completely transform the look of the space or act as a subtle accessory to another focal point in the room. For more information about choosing the right style window treatments, check out our blog for updates.

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