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7 Luxury Furniture Brands to Tie Your Home Together

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

If you're someone who likes to express your character through home decor, you're not alone. The furniture industry has grown by 2.2% in the past 5 years, and it only looks like that number is going up.

As someone looking to design or redesign a luxury home interior, you likely want the best high-end furniture brands to give your house some class and personal flair. Here, we're going to talk about some of the best famous luxury furniture brands so that your home interior becomes as gorgeous as you could ever dream of it being.

1. Thomas Blakemore

Thomas Blakemore is one of the best brands on the market for all kinds of things, but they're known for their lamps and lighting. And with good reason- they create the absolute best lamp styles on the market. No other brand can compare. Just take a look at some of their lamps if you don't believe us!

If you're looking for a classic interior decor scheme that's reminiscent of an old English home, this is the brand for you.

A Limoges Lapis table lamp is an amazing choice. If you want to go back in time even further to the Tudor court, they make a beautiful Hampton Court swan lamp that you also won't want to miss. History buffs and interior design lovers alike rejoice in these gorgeous styles!

2. Isabella Costantini

If you're looking for other furniture to go with your Thomas Blakemore lighting, then look no further than Isabella Costantini.

This Italian brand specializes in having its Italian roots meet pan-European inspiration, so you know that you're getting a great cultural blend when you choose these furnishings.

Because of the European designs, which are similar to those that may have been found in royal English courts, Isabella Costantini couches, chairs, and tables complement Blakemore lamps perfectly. You can't go wrong when you combine these styles for a cohesive antique look!

3. Essential Home

If you want to move forward a bit in history and back across the pond to the US, Essential Home has your back. This brand specializes in mid-century modern designs.

Essential Home styles are characterized by uncluttered and geometric lines, functionality that leads to form, and minimalist looks. If this appeals to you, then you should look into Essential Home for the highest-quality 20th-century styles.

If you do choose to go down this route, you may want to talk to interior designers ar Stephanie Kravitz about the carpeting and wallpaper that will complement your furnishings best. These professionals will tell you how to give your room a cohesive look from whatever decade you want to invoke in your interior decor!

4. Marioni

Another luxury Italian furniture brand, Marioni is a brand that strives to combine modern styles with traditional ones to create the perfect, balanced blend.

Beginning with ceramics as basic material, these designers hire master craftsmen to create shelving, cabinets, lighting, and more.

Marioni is also a brand that understands the value of color. If you want lemon-yellow couches or electric-blue cabinetry, this is the brand that has your back.

Our designers offer unlimited resources that will allow you to put a personal spin on Italian furniture brands like Marioni. You'll be able to customize their furnishings according to the styles that you love most and personal flair that you want to invoke.

5. DelightFULL

DelightFULL is a brand that specializes in lighting.

Designers here work with their hands to create a perfect and completely one-of-a-kind piece each and every time. This ensures that your lamps will be incredibly detailed and unique- no one on Earth will have the same piece as you do!

As a result of being handmade, DelightFULL specializes in incorporating feisty personality and strong emotions into their designs. These lamps are perfect for spaces where you want a little bit of personal flair in your decor.

If you go with DelightFULL, you'll be able to feel a bit of the passion that the creators put into their designs as they hand-crafted your piece.

6. Brabbu

If you want to continue the vibe of strength and power that DelightFULL lamps bring to the table, then you'll definitely want to look into Brabbu. This brand specializes in contemporary styles, but it's pretty diverse in what it offers.

From Brabbu, you can get many different products. Furniture, upholstery, lighting, and rugs are only a few of the things that it brings to the table. All of these goods reflect living intensely and filling each day with adventure. 

7. Koket

Last but definitely not least, Koket is a brand that incorporates an intoxicating flair to all of the products that it creates. The designs that you can purchase are created not only by master crafters, but also by jewelers who bring a unique perspective to the table.

Because jewelers work on the designs in addition to classic furniture designers, all of Koket's merchandise has a well-rounded and artistic flair that you won't want to miss. These styles incorporate the metals and handcrafted structures that high-end jewelry is known for. Some pieces even incorporate gems that you'll recognize from master jeweler's stores!

Because Koket is a brand that operates worldwide, you'll be able to choose from design flavors from any country that you want to invoke the image of.

Get the Best Furniture Brands Today!

While there are a lot of beautiful furniture pieces out there, nothing will ever compare to the handcrafted and high-class items that these brands provide.

Now that you know the best high-end furniture brands to incorporate into your house, it's time to call in the pros. If you want a well-designed contemporary room, we at Stephanie Kratz have you 100% covered. If you don't believe us, check out our portfolio!

Here, you'll notice the many well-rounded contemporary, antique, and mid-century modern schemes that we've created and the ways that we've used various pieces to draw each room together seamlessly.

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