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7 Interior Design Myths Debunked -- Don't Let These Get in Your Decorating Way

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

In decorating, just like in life, rules are sometimes meant to be broken. With so many interior design trends emerging all the time, you might find it challenging to know what really works without consulting your trusted interior designer.

Before you embark on your next design dream, make yourself aware of these interior design myths so they don't get in your way.

  • MYTH: Following the rules is a must. Always remember that your home should represent your tastes and style, not what someone else thinks you should like. This means that the only rules are the ones you make for yourself.
  • MYTH: A pop of color in necessary. No one wants to have a room that feels one dimensional, but who says you have to have that pop of color in every room. If you only want to use one color, try using it in different shades or tones, which can create texture and add dimension
  • MYTH: Don't use too many area rugs. Nothing adds color and texture like area rugs. They bring warmth to a room, help soften the look of hardwood and even help tie rooms together.
  • MYTH: Never mix prints and patterns. For adding color and texture, nothing works better than mixing prints and patterns. What does help when it comes to mixing stripes, florals or plaids is to stay within the same color palette.
  • MYTH: Choose only one focal point. Your room has four walls; why not make them all focal points? This is a great way to not only incorporate dimension, but your own sense of style as well.
  • MYTH: Table and chairs must match. There's nothing wrong with mixing up the style of your dining room chairs. You can choose everything from different fabrics for cushions to various styles of chairs.
  • MYTH: The only place for kids' art is on the fridge. Nothing adds whimsy like the personalized art gallery created by your children.

When it comes to the interior design of your own home, few rules apply. Don't let these interior design myths alter your personal preferences. For help with your home design needs, contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors.

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