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7 Design Ideas to Spice Up and Add Detail to the Master Bedroom

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021
7 design ideas to spice up and add detail to the master bedroom

Odds are that your home’s master bedroom belongs to you. Don’t relegate it to just being the room you sleep in. Instead, create a beautiful space by adding details and spicing up it up with these 7 design ideas to spice up and add detail to the master bedroom. 

Add a padded headboard

Give your bedroom the luxurious feeling of a hotel by setting up a padded headboard behind your bed. Your interior designer can help you determine the best color for the headboard, as well as a luxurious fabric, leather or other texture that adds elegance to your relaxing bedroom.

Add a fireplace  

A small fireplace in the bedroom will not only add a touch of cozy to your boudoir, but it will also establish a romantic vibe.

Set up a picture ledge 

Instead of hanging photos in a traditional fashion, try leaning them on a ledge and building out your focal wall. Mix family photos with landscapes from your travels or dramatic images of your dream destinations.

Use exposed ceilings

Exposed floor joists and rafters look fantastic in a master suite, adding a unique visual element that provides warmth to the space.

Create Privacy and Softness

Update your windows by using a roller shade in a textural fabric in combination with drapery panels. This creates a clean, updated look, but still keeps the bedroom cozy.

Embrace freestanding screens

A freestanding screen can not only provide a small dressing area, but it can also be used to hide awkward corners or spaces in the room.

Mix your furniture

No one says you have to buy a matching set of bedroom furniture. Mix and match different furniture pieces for a unique and personal look.

For master bedroom design ideas specific to your DFW home, contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors.

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