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7 Benefits of Hiring Interior Designers When Building a New House

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Building a new house? How exciting! Buying a new home makes a great nest egg for you and your family. It's the place where you'll create abundant memories with your loved ones. Your home may even be passed down through multiple generations.

The fun part of building a home: you can customize it to your personal preferences. However, sometimes when you're working with a builder on your own, the lines get crossed.

You can end up with "the wrong sized kitchen island" or a winding staircase made of "pine when you wanted oak."

To check all the boxes, consider hiring an interior designer. Interior designers act as project managers to ensure your home gets designed to your liking down to the last detail. Let's take a look at the seven benefits of working with interior designers.

1. Interior Designers Free Up Your Time

Many homeowners balance a full-time job with raising a family. These responsibilities can be time-consuming. 

It takes additional time and energy to shop for hardwood flooring or carpeting, fine furniture, cabinet hardware, fixtures, and other materials you'll need for your new home.

Do you need to pick your daughter up from soccer practice? Take your son to a doctor's appointment. Stay late at the office to prepare for an important client presentation?

An interior designer can free up your time by offering you an array of ideas to transform your space from the comfort of your home.

2. Designers Are Experts at Combining Colors

Thinking of a few colors you're considering for your new home? You want to get them right. Sometimes colors don't mix well together. Other times they don't give you the look and feel you're after.

Interior designers know how to coordinate color palettes. They've been doing this since design school. They know how to combine undertones to work for you.

They can choose shades to make your walls look warmer. Or select colors to give your space a cool, refreshing look with a modern touch.

Certain colors complement each other. And certain colors collide. Your interior designer will know how to guide you in selecting the best color choices for the exact look you're trying to achieve. Or make suggestions when you have no idea about what you'd like.

3. Interior Designers Have Access to Exclusive Furnishings, Materials, and Contacts

Interior designers source materials, furniture, and home decor items from manufacturers clients don't have access to. These professional connections offer homeowners the opportunity to own the perfect materials not available in retail stores.

Desire a unique quartz countertop not available in retail stores? No problem. Or perhaps handmade window treatments, designer sofas, and original artwork? You'll live the access you're granted with products to live for!

In addition, interior designers can purchase these items for you for well below retail cost. Their discounts may save you thousands of dollars. With the extra savings, you may be able to stretch your $25,000 budget to include that third bathroom after all.

4. Design Experts Know How to Manage Size and Scale 

Have you found the perfect sofa? It could be too large for your space. How about that fabulous marble coffee table? Design experts ensure your furniture fits into your space perfectly with plenty of room to walk around. Ask an interior designer these questions about your living room.

Before you make a purchase you may need to return, consult an interior designer. If an item is too large, they'll recommend a smaller item. If a statement piece is too small, they may suggest a larger piece or different shape suiting the room best.

You may be able to keep that large sofa, but need to adjust other items in the room to make your space work. Your interior designer will let you know the possibilities.

5. Interior Designers Take Away Stress 

Renovating a new home can boost stress in a big way. Especially when things don't go according to plan. You need to make major decisions. You find out later that your dream kitchen isn't possible.

An interior designer will design an effective floor plan to let you know your options in advance. And offer you other options. This way you'll know what to expect from point A, not in the middle of the project.

6. Great Tools for Designing Allow You to Envision Your Space in Advance

Today, software programs like these enable you to see your designs in real-time. One of the newest interior tools for designing is 3D rendering. These programs take a high level of design skills.

But designers are adept at using these cutting edge tools for their clients. After a designer creates a room in the program, they can show you how it will look in real life. 

Seeing a 2D pr 3D floor plan of the walls, flooring, and furniture in front of you informs you what to expect when the design is complete. It also avoids a miscommunication between you and your builder.

7. Designers Know What's In and What's Out

Lastly, but certainly not least, designers know the trends. If you're looking for a design plan that's stylish and on-trend, your interior designer will be able to advise you on the latest collections released by the top design showrooms.

On the other hand, trends can change quickly. One year somethings in. The next year it's out. If you're not planning on changing your furniture and home decor for a long time, your designer will advise you on classic options that are timeless and stand the test of time.

7 Benefits of Hiring Interior Designers When Building a Home Revisited

Now you know seven important reasons why homeowners hire interior designers. Design experts alleviate stress. We save you time. They provide you exclusive access to elegant furnishings and materials. You also get access to their talent to give your new home that wow factor.

Looking for an expert interior designer in the greater Dallas area? Stephanie Kratz interiors design firm can help you create that elegant wow factor for your residence you're looking for. Contact us today.

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