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6 Ways to Include Kids in Your Home's Interior Design Plan

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

It's no secret that having kids changes your interior design needs. Organization, durability and access for your children suddenly become just as important as the color palette, furnishings and the overall design style. Having kids doesn't mean you must sacrifice beautiful home interiors. Instead, it just focuses on balancing form and function. Including kids in interior design isn't difficult; it just takes a slight shift in your thinking and approach.

Here are 6 Ways to Include Kids in Your Home's Interior Design Plan:

Be whimsical

A child's world is fun, creative and full of imagination. Reflect this in your home's design by adding touches of whimsy, such as chalkboard paint on a low portion of a wall or a mural from your child's favorite book.

Accessorize with toys

Creative storage allows your child's toys to serve double duty. Use book ends to line children's books up on top of a long shelf or consider elevating classic toys to a spot of design prominence.

Focus on family comfort

Shifting your interior design focus to creating livable and relaxed spaces helps create a home your child is welcome in. Invest in sturdy pieces with durable fabrics and kid resistant finishes.

Use kid-sized furniture

Aim for your child's comfort when choosing select pieces of kid-sized furnishings. Many of these pieces will reflect your design style on a much smaller scale.

Create play spaces

Think about your child's favorite toys and consider ways to create spaces to match their interests. Lego enthusiasts would enjoy a large table for building, while a budding artist would love a dedicated art station.

Honor their creations

Elevate your child's artwork by investing in quality frames and making them part of your home's design. Choose pieces that reflect your child's spirit and your home's style.

To learn more about including kids in your home's interior design plan, contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors.

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